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Why females are sicker, but males die sooner

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The theories of men’s health explain why "females are sicker, but males die sooner". The first theory is the biological theory which is influenced by sex hormones, biological variances affected by their surroundings, hormones and the anatomy, and genetics. Socialization theory states that through enculturation, sons are made to trust that masculinity is demonstrated by risking individual injury. It also explains that when men are supported by female relatives, they often transform their health behaviors. Thirdly the orientation toward illness and prevention explains that the stereotype that men are strong and resistant to diseases is inconsistent with health promotion. Due to insufficient awareness, men tend to misinterpret symptoms as signs of illness. Delayed treatment may be as a result of justified symptoms and reject their vulnerability to diseases. Reporting of health behaviors is characterized by inaccurate data collected on health behavior, during the data collection procedure male participation is less compared to female participation. On the gender-linked behaviour theory, mortality rates are related to gender- like actions such as substance use and abuse, leading to large gender disparities. 

Factors impeding men's health include obstacles to men's health, such as irregular use of health systems and risk-taking actions, and there has been less effort to create a health care environment, particularly for men. 

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The preventive measures used in health nursing services for men include: coming up with policies associated with men's health, offering health services for men, increased interest in lifestyle and physical health. 

The mortality rate is caused by factors such as learning, socio-economic class, race and ethnic origin. In each primary reason for death, the number of males surpasses that of females. Homicide, injury and suicide increase the mortality rate of male. Untimely deaths among males is high in the United States compared to other countries. 

A family is any individual significantly takes part in another individual's life. Family meets the essentials of both society and individual relatives. The changing family is characterized by a decreased number of kids per woman, the blends and constructs in families are different where children are born to single women, increased multicultural marriages and more step-children and stepparents. Increase cohabitation is present in the changing families where unmarried couples reside together, thus resembling marriage in the long term. Existence of gay and lesbian families is also present where individuals of the same sex cohabitate and engage in sexual relationships. 

Family theory and system theory are relevant to family dynamics. The family theory explains that an issue affecting one individual most likely affects other individuals or the whole family. Family's wellbeing, which, is raised by surrounding jeopardy and reduction of lifestyle highly depends on the function of the kin in all features of health care. It also explains that a family is a support system, and it should be involved in the treatment plan and to understand an individual one has to assess the larger family. The systems theory clarifies how the family relates to the outside family and subsystems inside the family. The family is negatively influenced by war, calamities and diseases acquired within the community. 

In family health assessment genogram is an instrument used to outline family arrangement, an illustration of the family for three generations by nurses. Nurses also use the family health tree as a tool to note down health and medical histories of families. Lastly, the ecomap is a tool used to illustrate family connections to their suprasystems. 

The sandwich generation is composed of adult individuals who take care of their ageing parents and also offer financial provision while taking care of their own children. The formation of this generation is due to elderly and sick parents. The adult individual may be children or grandchildren to elderly parents. 

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