15 Sep 2022


Why is money so important for campaigns in Texas?

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Why are the Republican Primaries so important in Texas? Be sure to use information from the readings to support your answer. 

Republic elections are important in Texas as they offer the public a chance to participate in selecting the candidates that will represent them in the political party. These primaries are also important in Texas as they give the public the chance to vote for their policy ideas as well as produce political figures that will play important roles in national politics. 

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What are all the ways Texas has used to restrict access to voting in the past? Why have these restriction largely been lifted? Be sure to use information from the readings to support your answer 

Texas used a number of ways to restrict people from voting. One of the main way used was restricting the voting rights to people grounded on their race, color, or their previous state of slavery. Also, Texas used the failure of people to pay any poll tax or any other tax to the federal government as a way of restricting people from access to vote. These restrictions were lifted as they were found to deny people their human rights. 

What are the qualifications to vote in Texas today? Be sure to use information from the readings to support your answer. 

Some of the requirements to vote in Texas include; you must be United States citizen. You must be an occupant of the county where you applied. You must be 18 years old on Election Day. You must not be a convicted felon. In this case, you must have completed your sentence or parole. You must not be declared as mentally or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote. 

Why is money so important for campaigns in Texas? What is it used on? Be sure to use information from the readings to support your answer 

Campaign money in Texas is important as the candidates use it to cater to their expenses. In most cases, money for campaign is used to pay for the cost that is associated with the campaign. It caters for travel expenses; stationery used to print campaign posters as well as accommodation expense. Campaign money can also be used to cater for the duties of a candidate as a federal holder of the office. 

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