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Will We Ever Create Technology Smarter Than Humans?

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The question whether technology will eventually surpass human intelligence has been broadly discussed in our world today. It is interesting to note that most people are not worried about technology outsmarting the human brain but are more concerned about the growing replacement at places of work. Computers have replaced human power due to their efficiency and reliability. Unlike human beings, machines can be programmed to do certain tasks at given times and they are prone to very few errors. Due to this, many employers consider using technology to have their work done due to its affordability, reliability and efficiency. Many scientific discoveries in the tech world have replaced human labor. It is however not certain whether human beings despise technology or appreciate it. This question makes one wonder whether indeed technology can be smarter than human beings are. Humans control technology, but only a few humans who are conversant with the tech world and take time to keep up with the advancement. Most tech users are lazy and refuse to use their brains because there is probably a machine that can simplify the problem. Take for instance, someone will find it convenient to use a calculator to perform complex mathematical calculations as opposed to using ones’ brain. In as much as the person needs to have the knowledge on how to input the numbers to obtain results, most of the work is done by the calculator and it can be considered to be smarter. 

It is however not easy to claim that tech is smarter than humans are. Humans are the creators of tech and it is impossible for the master to outsmart the creator. Human beings operate machines and without the input of a ‘smart’ human; a machine is as good as redundant. However, when we consider tech users, take for instance smart phone users, most do not take time to pond on how the machine works. Smartphone users often use buttons to command activities but fail to pay close attention to how the machine works. Simple machines such as washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves are in many homes yet people do not understand the simple concepts behind the operation of such machines. Such humans who do not pay attention to this can be outsmarted by tech. It is unfortunate that this covers a large portion of the population. Despite this, tech is still created and controlled by human beings and it cannot outsmart humans. 

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How will Tech Affect our lives 

The beauty about evolution in tech is the fact that it co-evolves with humans and there is no possibility for tech to evolve singlehandedly. As earlier discussed, tech is monitored and controlled by human beings and this means that as it gets smarter, humans are actually the ones who are becoming smarter. It is estimated that in the next 300 years, artificial intelligence will have superhuman abilities and will be superior to human beings. In as much as this may be the case, humans create the fact still remains that machines and any modifications and developments made is purely man’s effort. When it comes to the general population, tech will definitely outsmart human effort. Take for instance; the use of robots has taken over human labor in many large industries since they can be programmed to perform better than human beings do. This will not be a good thing to a majority of the population. The use of machines will render human effort insufficient since machines can work tirelessly and are more productive than human beings are. Human beings are humane and need rest, have feelings and they need to have personal relationships with each other. It is easier to manage machines as opposed to managing human beings. In as much as things will be done with ease, technology will greatly affect humanity and this is a bad thing. Human beings need each other to co-exist and live in harmony, replacing humans with machines makes people operate like tech zombies who do not have any regard for humanity. We cannot separate ourselves from what gives us our identity and makes us humane. 

Importance of this Topic 

It is important to discuss the impact of technology in our world today because it is part of us and we cannot be alienated from it. Technology progresses with the advancements in our lives today and this means it will always affect our lives. This topic needs to be discussed because one needs to be prepared of what is anticipated in the near future. Many things happen under the sun and human beings need to take control of their lives and shape the environment they stay. Technology has been steadily growing and with every advancement, a change is realized. For instance, the explosion in the tech world has seen complex computer networks created and the world has been turned into a global village. People are able to share information across social network platforms and the trends in the world can be shared across a large population over a short period. This advancement has seen to it that people are more knowledgeable, interact more, travel more and have access to similar information. The world can be monitored using technology; this clearly emphasizes the need to pay attention to technology. The main questions changes in tech can raise include: Are machines more important than human beings? What will be the impact of evolution in technology in the next 30 years? Will human beings still feel the need to be with each other or would they prefer machines? (Withnall, 2014). 

Current examples of tech smarter than humans and how they could evolve 

Currently computers have replaced human labor in various places of work. The growth in use of computerized machines is also on the rise. For example, in August 2014, news went viral about a hotel that opened in Nagasaki Japan that has 90% of staff as robots. The robots serve food and usher in visitors using face detection technique. The machines have been programmed to ask various questions and help visitors around. Despite the efficiency, the robots cannot match the human touch. One great fear is that the robots will take place of human beings in industries leaving millions of people unemployed and as a result an increase in poverty. The greatest fear is creating artificial consciousness in the machines (Rajesh, 2015). There are developments that aim to personate robots so that they can share the same sentiments with people. A robot can detect when one is agitated, hungry and sad. Some scientists are also talking about creating brains in robots, where does this leave human beings? It is unrealistic to improve machines to be manlike and forgetting about the existence of the actual man. This is the greatest problem that exists and people need to regulate the use of these machines. Only a small portion of the population benefit; the rich become richer whereas the poor become poorer. The growing trend in the use of genetically modified organisms has also posed a great threat in the world today. The use of GMO’s has seen the evolution of superbugs and super weeds that cannot be treated easily. This is a threat to humanity and a potential widespread for severe famine and crop failure in future (Benson, 2014). Other than that, the use of such crops has seen evolution of complex diseases that are a great threat to humanity. 


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