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Woman and Social Control: Everything You Need to Know

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Question 1 

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that women undergo with the sole purpose of acquiring "designer vaginas" the surgery involves trimming away excessive labial tissue to make the vulva more appealing. Women seeking labiaplasty have one mission- to make their labia minora to be aesthetically appealing, rounded, and full but not flat (Davis, 2002). Labiaplasty is similar to genital mutilation. The procedures involve the interference of the outer parts of the vagina through trimming and cutting. The two are, however, different in the sense that labiaplasty is undergone by adult females who have free will while people do consent FGO to minors as part of the customs or traditions of a society. The power difference existing between African women and American women lies in "consent." American women have free consent and can decide to undergo "corrective" FGO voluntarily by pay doctors up to cut them up (Davis, 2002). African women lack free consent on FGO procedures because cultural traditions guide their actions. The surgeries are similar. Whether voluntary or involuntary, individuals do the mutilation of the genitals among women with the sole purpose of sustaining an image that men want. 

Question 2: 

Schaffner argues that poor girls of color are more vulnerable to violence because they are less likely to be protected by law and are thus susceptible to predation. Also, poor girls of color have diminished decisional avenues to heal from previous trauma compared to white girls or those with more economic resources (Schaffner, 2007). The frequency with which girls experience violence is higher compared to boys. Most girls suffer in silence because the violence leveled against them is done by people closest to them. Girls, therefore, fail to report such incidences for fear of being oppressed further by their tormentors (Asscher, Van der Put, & Stams, 2015). Creating awareness campaigns that challenge and speak out about violence in the home is the first step in protecting girls and women from violence. It is also essential to listen to the experiences of violence among girls and women and respond to their needs (Asscher, Van der Put, & Stams, 2015). The first step towards supporting LGBTQ is to formulate laws on LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination policy in social settings. Setting policies that will ensure that public buildings and restrooms are accessible regardless of gender identity will also help support LGBTQ (Maccio & Ferguson, 2016).  

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