18 May 2022


Reader’s Journal: Character Sketch of Oedipus

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Oedipus's character has been empirically developed in the plot of the story. The play has displayed his strengths and weakness in a balanced manner; the paper will show two sides of Oedipus. To start with, Oedipus has been shown as a confident character. He has been displayed as individual he has a belief in what he aims to achieve. For instance, he claims that he will be the ruler on page twelve. He further alleges on the same page that he will be the guardian of Thebes. The confident trait is displayed as the play starts. In line six of the play, he says that his name is Oedipus, the great. Further, he has a belief in his trait as a great leader. He demonstrates this by finding a solution to the matters which he thinks were affecting his people. This bravery shows that he is a firm leader with self-assurance and would stop at nothing to succeed in his plan. This is a major trait he possesses that makes him loved by his people, and even the priest sees him as an individual who has the vision to deliver to his people. 

Among his strong traits as displayed in the plot of the play are the persistence and reliability. Reliability of leaders is critical as such a leader is often useful for their subjects. Other than that Oedipus shows persistence as his strength. After the murder of the king, he is seen gathering information and soliciting for more evidence in pursuit of the truth about the king's death. He further asks for whoever has any helpful information to present or to be banished. It is because of his persistence nature that makes him gather necessary information which helps him to drive plague out of his community. In line 356, we see that he has a persistence nature and were ready to get information from Tiresias even if he tries to falter. He tries to coerce information from him and consistently persuading him. This shows that he has a gift and he has to use it to realize that dream of his community. This also displays his patriotic nature that thinks and cares for all people in his country. Patriotism is necessary for leadership. Alternatively, he shows some form of intellect the way he leads his subjects. He is a king who is determined to drive away the misery of the subjects; he has his ways of making his pole see him as an intelligent leader.

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A coin has two sides, having displayed his good side; the paper will major on some of his flaws. He has a high temper which he seems unable to control. For instance, he loses his temper when he was conversing with the prophet. Moreover, he is unable to reflect his anger. The prophet asserts this; he says that Oedipus has no ability to reflect his anger in the incident that he lashes out of Tiresias accusing of being annoyed. He further accuses him of being a conspirator on Kings' death. His anger blinds him from knowing the truth. Alternatively, he seems to be a kind of leaders who rush on decision making. He kills one of the caravans, who pushed him, yet this is what that particular caravan does, this couple with his temper seems to be his major downfall. 

In conclusion, Oedipus is a complete character who has both weaknesses and strength commonly. At a time, he loses out, due to some of the weaknesses pointed out in the paper; however, this does not in anyway mean that he is an evil king. As a king, he shows great intellect, trustworthiness, and love for his people.

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