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A Day in the Life of a Social Worker

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Tuachina Vanderbilt joined the Durham Nativity School in the summer of 2008. The school was searching for a licensed social worker who would be able to engage parents and students at school as well as be a team member to the school staff. During her interview, she convinced them that she intended to encourage and support young people especially the youths by sharing love in various ways. In her career as a school social worker, she has been interacting with both the parents and the students and has learned the way to handle them and make them comfortable. For instance, she says, "if you talk to the parent in an accusatory way or blaming them, they might not cooperate" (UNC School of Social Work, 2010). Tuachina explains to the parents that, as a social worker, she is neither working for the state nor trying to judge them but is there as a partner to support them on matter to do with their children's life. 

At the beginning of every year she visits each family and connects with them which helps her to examine each student and figure out what they lack or want. For instance, if a student has a problem of paying attention, she contacts the parent and through partnership, they help the student collaboratively. She has also the responsibility of keeping in touch with the parent and ensuring she delivers quality services to them; for instance, parents expect her to keep their due dates. Tuachina rates social work as an interesting career with unlimited freedom. For instance, she posits that as an outpatient therapist she had a huge workload and would only see a client once a week. Also, she was limited to talk only about feelings, emotions and working on skill-building. However, as a school social worker, she has more freedom to do whatever it takes to get the need met 

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Chris Dougherty is also a licensed social worker at Archbishop Molly High School. He spends his time as a role model, a leader, and an advisor for the molly community. He focuses on students who are at adolescent age. Ideally, he describes it as an emotion developing stage where the student wants to test everything in life. He connects the children, the parent and the students. He says that parents are most interested in knowing what their children are going through, for instance, whether they are using drugs, whom they are dating, if they are involved in premarital sex and whether they are pregnant (Oxford Academic, 2015). Also, Chris has the responsibility of ensuring that students are protected. However, he has to be keen not to share confidential information. 

The room where the sharing session occurs is designed in such a way that it looks messed up. It has multiple items like toys and displayed arts which make it appear like a student's bedroom. The setting ensures that when the students are sharing, they feel safer and comfortable. The sharing is fun and Chris has made himself friendlier to the students so that they can open up. This has helped him to support the student mostly on relationships where the student finds it hard to share with their parents. Chris also has helped them to develop leadership qualities and confidence. He also has inspired many who now view social work as a career. 


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