30 Oct 2022


A Matter of Motivation: The Delayed Promotion

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Motivation is the main force that keeps employees at their workplace. The intrinsic motivational state is founded within an employee's urge to learn tasks, accomplish goals or attain desired levels of power and status. Extrinsic motivational status is established by external factors such as monetary expectations and social responsibilities. An employee who loses both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation states will most likely quit their positions.

Case: A Matter of Motivation: The Delayed Promotion 

After the Circumstances that led to my appointment into the position of the director of health information management, I will deploy intrinsic factors of motivation as the force behind my performance. The failed attempts of the chief operating officer to get an external replacement and the delay in my promotion depicts that the officer had little confidence in my abilities. I will, therefore, be motivated by a desire to deliver and accomplish my tasks to win the chief operating officer's trust and confidence. After my promotion, the directive to abolish the assistant director position implies that my new position assumes extra responsibilities than it previously held. This implies that my success in accomplishing these duties will attract honor and recognition as a performer. This will form part of my motivation. 

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Despite my intrinsic motivation factors, I find this new position as being relatively unstable. This feeling is drawn from the fact that my predecessor resigned and took a similar position in another hospital, an indication that working conditions in this office were most likely unbearable. Uncertainty of the future of my job will derail my performance. 

The motivation state of my staff would most likely be extrinsic. The employees have reasons to believe that they are less likely to be promoted after the chief operating officer attempted to source an external replacement for the director position. If staff from the department exit, it's unlikely that replacement will occ thus leading to increased workload. These two possibilities imply that the only thing keeping them at work is their remuneration and social responsibilities, thus extrinsic. 


Employee performance relies majorly on motivation. Employers should motivate their staff through promotions, proper remuneration, agreeable workload, job security, and stability to maximize employees' performance. Communication is vital in cases where internal promotion is not an option. An employee with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors delivers beyond targets and this ensures that goals and missions of an organization are attained. 


Liebler, J. G., & McConnell, C. R. (2017).  Management principles for health professionals . Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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