Motivation Essay Examples & Samples to Get High Grades

Writing a motivational essay for students has always been a struggle. Finding stimulus by yourself is not as easy as it seems. Life constantly gives us lemons, so being motivated or inspiring others is not always possible. Like any written task, a motivation essay in English can be hacked. It has certain elements that can be copied without damaging the article's creativity. A few clever tricks can significantly simplify the writing process without compromising quality. Using free paper samples is one such trick.

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The Importance of Employee Motivation

Motivating employees is a very crucial step for both the employees and the company since it encourages and promotes production. Employees who are motivated would feel more encouraged to increase their input since...

Words: 1395

Pages: 5

Views: 176

Complexities of Managing Employee Motivation

Employees play a key role in any organization by directly impacting the output and productivity of the organization. It is significant for the human resource department professionals to understand the dynamic nature...

Words: 310

Pages: 1

Views: 396

Job Satisfaction vs. Organizational Commitment: What's the Difference?

Employees’ motivation boosts the working morale. The results lead to better staffs’ performance in their assigned tasks. Motivation is also a form of creating job satisfaction strategy. It is an internal drive that...

Words: 559

Pages: 2

Views: 479

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Motivating Employees through Leadership

As a new manager, solving the problem of a high turnover of employees at one location of my organization would be my responsibility. Since employees who have quit lamented, neglect and poor working conditions, my...

Words: 244

Pages: 1

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16 Sep 2023

Definition and Types of Motivation

Definition of Motivation The ultimate goal of every man in the world is to be happy as possible. The question is, what is it that takes humans to achieve this habit of being happy? Second, it is important to...

Words: 1902

Pages: 7

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16 Sep 2023

Student Motivation and Performance

How student motivation can enhance performance; Motivation is an influence that drives one to do something. Motivation is a crucial element since it pushes one to be responsible and able to take charge of their...

Words: 635

Pages: 2

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Cost Benefits Analysis on Employees Motivation

Rewarding of the employee is a cost-benefit incentive that requires informed decision making by the organization. Deciding which investment to apply for a company is a critical process in management. What many do not...

Words: 1046

Pages: 3

Views: 80

16 Sep 2023

The Psychology of Motivation and Emotion

Main Post A growth mindset is one that allows information to flow through and people that usually have this mindset are typically positive. They also have an understanding that intelligence can be added and...

Words: 643

Pages: 1

Views: 151

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16 Sep 2023

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Some years back when I was in the army, we had to work hard to attain the right training so that we could be deployed. It was essential that we got the proper training and also that we understood the need for such...

Words: 267

Pages: 1

Views: 156

A Report on Employee Motivation

Introduction Examining organizations that often perform outstandingly well in their fields of operation, employee productivity is one of the aspects that play a significant role towards this success and...

Words: 1573

Pages: 6

Views: 93


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What Is a Motivation Essay

The definition of essay on motivation is obvious — stimulating readers for action. It may sound simple yet such texts require immense knowledge of encouragement tactics and great writing skills. Unlike research papers, motivational articles rely on the author's ability to energize and bring hope.

Authors must diligently design the narration by implementing special tactics. Each sentence or paragraph must have a purpose of motivating and inspiring readers. This message should be conveyed throughout the whole article. Such a goal makes these texts somewhat similar to persuasive essays. Experienced authors will see some similarities between them and apply appropriate techniques. If you’re a newbie — we’ll explain everything.

Motivation Essay Examples for Students

This website offers numerous motivational essays examples for any occasion. With them, any student can easily create memorable, effective articles. Even a 1500 word essay becomes possible with proposed philosophy essay examples.

Writing essays about motivation does not need any substantial research. The only thing authors must take into account is their target audience. Wording and narration must be tailored specifically to work in this community. Besides that — some interesting facts may be useful.

Here’s what you can improve by using these examples:

  • Enlarge vocabulary by adding numerous new words.
  • Enhance narration and transitioning between ideas.
  • Learn better message conveying in various circumstances.

Keep in mind that you can browse various articles from different fields to get new ideas. For instance, read our career goal essay example or failure essay examples

Sample of Motivation Essay for Admission

A competent, detailed motivation essay sample greatly increases a student's chances of creating an effective article. All proposed text examples have numerous positive elements every writer should embrace. Try implementing them in custom, written scholarly pieces. Here are some major benefits of each sample of essay on motivation:

  • Perfect structure

Every article has a concrete foundation and stable outline, visible in every sentence.

  • Strong wording

Used vocabulary perfectly utilizes rich English language for an ultimate effect on readers.

  • Clever narration

Sentences and paragraphs are built in a specific, easily readable way.

  • Powerful message

Conveyed through sophisticated methods, the idea has a great effect on all readers.

  • Energizing nature

Each sentence or word is specifically chosen to give a boost in morale.

Study scholarship essay examples from StudyBounty, and you will come up with some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Motivation Essay Outline

When facing such a task, write an outline for an essay on motivation first. Such a scheme is crucial for all types of paper. Structuring your articles beforehand results in better narration quality, smoother transitions, and overall greater readability. Articles fall apart when they are written with no outline in mind. Try designing lines prior to highlighting major elements and main plots. Use this motivation outline as guidance or source of inspiration:


  • What is it?
  • How does it affect us?
  • Life without an incentive.
  • Inspiration should be given!

Body paragraph

  • Real-life inspirational example.
  • Its value and significance.
  • Encouraging quote.
  • Importance of this quotation.


  • Repeating your text’s topic.
  • Short version of body paragraphs.
  • Main idea — get stimulated!
  • More inspiring, strong words!

Motivation Essay Introduction

If you’re low on ideas, download a free introduction of motivation essay in pdf. Proposed examples demonstrate effective and creative ways of starting such articles. The first paragraph hooks the reader's attention and engages them in reading. If the writer fails to entertain his audience from the beginning, no one will read further.

Attention-grabbing effect can be possible with specific wording, sentence construction, and narration. Pacing, transitioning, and mood of all sentences must help in readers’ engagement. Try starting with facts, quotes, or personal stories.

Examine proposed samples for clues. Look how this paragraph is structured and where the emphasis is. Try copying impressive elements in personal works. 

Motivation essay introduction example 

Teachers face a difficult challenge in getting to motivate their students. A good teacher must, first of all, get to know his or her students, well enough to know what interests them. Some students have the gift of a natural urge to learn or the love of learning. Others, though, often get to class because they have no other choice. Being in class may appear to them like being in prison. In every class, two sets of students exist. A teacher, therefore, must find a proper method of helping all the students through motivation. There exist two distinct methods by which teachers get to motivate their students. These include the intrinsic and the extrinsic methods of motivation. This paper will describe the intrinsic and the extrinsic methods of motivating students, and finally, provide the most appropriate method of motivation.

Motivation Essay Body Paragraph

Main motivational paragraphs in English for students occupy the largest volume. In body sections, authors must provide inspiration and give maximum charge of energy. Depending on overall text size, adjust complexity and amount of inspiration. Try not overwhelming readers with loud words and exclamation marks. Keep it subtle.

The main goal of such articles is to energize silently through invisible channels. The audience must get their inspiration naturally and generate these thoughts on their own.

Check out a free sample below. It showcases every aspect of this perfectly executed task. Use it as a template or a source of ideas, word formation, narration elements, etc.

Paragraph on motivation essay

Intrinsic motivation comes from within the students. A teacher’s contribution works by identifying the interests of a student and nurturing them properly. The teacher motivates the student by helping him or her to aspire. Intrinsic motivations include the fascination with a particular subject, the relevance of a subject to life and the world, and accomplishments. For instance, a student who is intrinsically motivated would say, ‘Biology interests me' or ‘I feel quite good when I succeed in class’. Some students are intrinsically driven by the idea of becoming great people later in their lives. A student who wishes to become a doctor in the future must get herself to work hard, especially in the sciences in order to achieve her dreams as asserted by Becker, McElvany, and Kortenbruck 2010).

Motivation Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of motivation essays is where all the action happens. Despite presenting all inspirational material in body sections, the final paragraph effectively ties it all together. A summary gives a satisfactory and direct impact on readers.

Used rhetorics, pacing, wording — everything peaks here and collides together. Main ideas get mentioned directly, sometimes even with the conveyed message. You must make sure that readers got the gist and completely understood what you were doing to them.

Look how other students managed to pull it off by exploring free summary samples below. Try copying them indirectly — improve personal writing skills easily!

Motivation essay conclusion example 

Extrinsic motivation may present some disadvantages on the learners. It may distract students from what is supposed to be learnt and engage them in other unwise acts such as cheating to get presents or even scholarships. Also, once the external motivators such as rewards are withdrawn, students lose their motivation and the urge to learn (Lei, 2010). A consultation in intrinsic motivational methods is a good way to nurture and improve the ability of students.

How to Write a Motivation Essay

Motivational writing can get hard, especially if you’re new to it. We’ve designed an algorithm, a step-by-step guide for young authors. Follow it closely or implement certain steps you forgot about for better, more effective articles. Make your essay writing on motivation easier by performing these actions:

  • Study the audience

Who are you trying to energize? Make sure you tailor the article’s contents accordingly.

  • Examine subjects

Look for motivational topics to write about. Use the ones below or create custom ones.

  • Create an outline

Design papers before writing to improve readability, coherency, and consistency.

  • Make a draft

Write the first version of your article. Rewrite it until satisfaction, perfection in every way.

  • Ask for opinion

Seek outsider’s thoughts on the article. Take it into account and fix weak spots.

  • Proofread

Edit mistakes out. That includes spelling, grammar errors, repetitions, and illogical moments.

  • Plagiarism check

Always examine the originality of submitted articles. Make sure they’re fully unique!

Motivation Essay Topics in English for Students

Below we’re giving you a few topics related to motivation directly or obliquely. We’d be happy to suggest 100 motivational essay topics, but that’ll leave no space for your imagination. Try either using proposed titles directly or adjusting them to fit custom needs. Remember — a good topic is what makes great articles possible. Make sure you’re personally interested and invested in the subject you’re covering. Choose topics wisely!

  1. Describe an event that has changed your perception of life.
  2. How did your family help you through depression?
  3. Bucket list and reasons to create one for any student.
  4. Popular music tracks with inspirational, uplifting lyrics.
  5. Movies, books, and their influence on author’s inducements.
  6. What makes you feel successful in life?
  7. How to find a source of positive emotions?
  8. Receiving psychological help and incentives from school teachers.
  9. What dreams inspire you on a daily basis?
  10. Finding a personal drive online — is it possible?

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FAQ About Motivation Essays

1. How do you write an impactful motivational essay?

Creative motivational essays in English for students are an exception, not normality. Only talented authors can create memorable, interesting pieces. That’s how things were before. Now, with free paper samples, each student can write unique, impactful papers from scratch.

2. What are the best titles for a motivation essay?

The ultimate motivation title in English is the one you’re eager to cover. For every author, there is a subject that interests them the most. That topic can be effectively considered the best. Browse online through proposed paper subjects until you either find or create one.

3. How to start a motivation paper?

A good motivation paper in English does not start with boring definitions. Try engaging readers from the first sentence. Begin with interesting facts or a personal story. Emphasize how inspiration is affecting people’s lives and why we should seek it.

4. When do I need to write a motivation essay?

Admission committees often assign essays on motivation for students who are applying. Those papers can ask for personal stimuli or inspire others. Students also can get such tasks as a part of their education in colleges, high schools, or universities.


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