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Action against Espionage

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Espionage is the act of gaining information that is considered confidential without the permission of the person who owns the information. In this case, the co-worker is hired to commit espionage on some law offices in Washington D.C. Such a process where one commits espionage is against the law as put in the Espionage Act of 1917; as shared by Greenberg (2014). 

Due to its illegality, I will take a legal action against the co-worker and conduct an investigation to know the reason for doing the offense. The next step will be to involve other legal bodies such as the police or the FBI into the case in the event of suspicion that the attorney had an ill intention. The two legal authorities will initiate the arrest process and conduct further investigations in the case. Some agents are lured into illegal spying by promises of money and other incentives for the selfish interest of the person who hires them, as put by Charney & Irvin (2014). 

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For a legal investigation of an organization to take place, a legal warrant should be issued. The order indicates the legibility of inquiry, and a lack of such shows that the investigation is illegal ( Williams, 2016 ). As a CIA, I will, therefore, acquire an authorization to conduct private investigations on the motives of the person who hired my co-worker to know the most appropriate action that should be taken against them. 

Lastly, I will also involve my seniors in the case. Such a case where an agent breaks the law calls for a disciplinary action against the agent, and this can be offered by the individuals that we report to (Oslon, 2011). Such a behavior where an agent is hired by an independent person to conduct illegal spying on other organizations is common and can ruin the integrity of the CIA, as indicated by William (2016). 


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