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Agile Development with Scrum

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In the present moments, many companies focus on software development owing to the benefits that they offer. One of the known methodologies in software development is the Agile methodology. This methodology helps businesses to come up with software’s that would enable them to run swiftly. Over the last 20 years, Scrum has been the most extensively Agile process used in software development. It has been adopted mostly on commercial software environments such as education, manufacturing, and vast industries. It is known to be an economical resource and more efficient just like the lean and the agile methods. Scrum provides individuals with a chance to be self-organized and work efficiently in an environment that is free from external interference. As a matter of fact, this will enable the teams to realize their full potential as well as permitting the leadership to concentrate on the vision of the company instead of being focused on daily management practices. This method simplifies complex tasks, allows inspection for perfection and ensures transparency. 

Scrum was used to develop a methodology called “scRumUp.” The methodology was formed by combining the rational Unified Process (RUP) and Scrum. This novel methodology was intended to benefit organizations that carry out software development in a distributed fashion (Del-Nuevo, Piattini, & Pino, 2012). Notably, this was made possible owing to the fact that this methodology took into account the best practices found in Agile and it was precisely meant for distributed environments. The use of Scrum in software development is beneficial since it addresses the major challenges faced during distribution development like communication as well as coordination. The use of RUP to dispersed software development reinforces the entire process by ensuring that documentation was provided to monitor the distribution teams. The fact that Scrum and RUP methodologies were both generic frameworks, it was easy to hybridize these methodologies without any form of complication to come up with scRumUP . Other Agile activities like Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration were also used to come up with this methodology. Essentially, the utilization of TDD was vital since it ameliorated the design, in addition, it yielded a better quality code (Del-Nuevo, Piattini, & Pino, 2012). 

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Apparently, the Agile methodology does not give procedures that are particular (James, 2015). Organizations normally want methodologies that are specific within the Agile movement. This includes Feature Driven Development (FDD), Crystal Clear (CC), and Scrum among others. In spite of the many special features of Agile movements, the simplicity of Scum’s definition provides an autonomy that is vital in motivating workers. Also, in the long run, scrum can enable any business to get the results that it was yearning for. Scrum perfectly fits other important Agile practices like Test-Driven Development (TDD) because it can be tested continuously and again it allows code integration. The use of Scum has made many businesses globally to be more Agile (James, 2015). Typically, an Agile-oriented enterprise ought not to have the business and the technical sides as separate entities; rather it ought to have teams working cordially to deliver business value. Essentially, the best results can only be obtained when businesses adopt this methodology. 

Roles of Team Members to Support the Scrum Method 

The team refers to the individuals who work cordially to complete the product. Typically, it can comprise of three to nine individuals without excluding the scrum master and the product owner (Sims & Louse, 2015). Essentially, the team member ought to have the vital skills that will facilitate the development of the product also known as a cross-functional team. The team ought to comprise of two people who can at least complete one part of the product backlog. This will help to reduce overdependence on a particular team member who might fall sick or quit working along. Scrum does not have team managers, rather the team exhibits freedom and accountability. The scrum master is more of a coach than a boss since his duty is to help the team to identify what it can accomplish and how that can be done in a sprint (Sims & Louse, 2015). He/she serves to ensure that the team functions swiftly and effectively by eliminating anything that might hinder the team from completing the sprint. The Scum master also ensures that the team communicates effectively. 

The product owner, on the other hand, is a team member who serves to ensure the product’s commercial success (Sims & Louse, 2015). He/she, therefore, identifies what the customer wants, translates such wants into product backlog and orders it depending on the business value. For success to be realized the product owner ought to manage the product backlog. Nonetheless, the entire team is responsible for the sprint backlog. In this regards, the product owner is supposed to spend most of his/her time with the team so as to ensure that the work of the sprint backlog portrays the vision of the product backlog. The product owner will also be required to use the remaining half of his/her time in consulting with clients and stakeholders to ensure that the product backlog meets their needs (Sims & Louse, 2015). 

In summary, Scrum has undergone massive development since its inception. It has articulated many novel practices and techniques, which have enabled it to stand out. Importantly, Scum has devised a framework and basic vocabulary that has enables businesses to go Agile worldwide. Also, by dividing big organizations into smaller teams has made it easy for organizations to spend little tome on communication thus making coordination be much easier. Therefore, the use of Scrum has made Agile to be the most effective software that apparently most businesses use globally at the moment. 


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