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Alcohol and Drug Problems: Law Enforcement and Legal Policy

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Drug and substance abuse has become a major challenge around the globe. Many healthcare statistics reports an increasing trend of death and different health condition related to this matter. The issue is constantly rising and popping up with different challenges. The government of the United States of America enforced and passed legal policy regarding the use, possession, supply, and transportation of the alcohol and drugs in the country in order to counter this matter. However, it seems that the government has not gotten a better method or policy since most of the plans and approaches have been met with a lot controversy. The main debate has been revolving around the control of the demand and supply of the drugs as well as putting policies and enforcing laws to enhance prevention their use. 

The government has have tried to put in measures such as Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act (1970) in order to find a solution to this issue. Together with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the (CDAPCA) bodies are trusted with the task of handling the issue of the drug in a modern way. The control of drug and prevention strategy has been met with much curiosity hence have given birth to another policy which tends to shy away from the supply and demand control. For instance, most current strategy views these elements as separately and deals with them singly. Under this policy, the drug issues are characterized such us prevention of the drug use, enforcements, and treatments. 

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The fight against drugs has registered notable trends which have forced the government to change their role in this struggle. This has brought up the use of three themes in the reduction of drug supply effort. These are inclusive of the government jurisdiction, militarization or the use of force to reduce the supply of the drugs in the country and lastly globalization which aims ate coalition and partners globally to win the war against the drug supply. 

Even with the implementation of such issues, there are still some challenges and controversies which keep on cropping in this sector. For instance, the debate on the amount which can be used to prevent or control drug and substances availability visa vie the amount which can be used to prevent the adverse side effects of their use is still unresolved issues. This still poses a threat and challenge to cripple these policies and effort and still makes drugs and alcohol a problem to the USA and many countries. The tools that discourage the consumption of these drugs are surely the best method which can be used to reduce its production and supply. However, such tool also has issues with the prohibitionist since they will face arrest, imprisonment, and others; these are all cost which will still be incurred by the government. All these matters show the challenge the use of drug and alcohol substance are posing to the country. However, despite all these challenges, there is a light at the end of the tunnel since many policies are still debated on, and some may achieve a positive result (Burke, 2017). 

Federal trafficking policies 

Alcohol and drug abuse are being fought in the USA by all the arms of the government. Different rules, act, and regulations are set by different arms of the government to help in combating this menace. For instance, the federal government has enacted a public law on the drug and alcohol substance. The federal trafficking penalty criminalizes and serious penalizes the possession or distribution of drugs and alcohol substances in all the states in the United States of America. Under this law, there are several drugs substances and alcohol that are prohibited by the federal law. The law has stipulated the offenses, and the penalties each would earn in case he/ she go against the law. This department is under the drug enforcement administration under the federal law which has a mission of investigating the criminals, nailing them and ensuring that justice is restored ("DEA.gov / Mission Statement," 2017) 

Describe the purpose of the Federal Register 

Federal registration is an official journal of the federal government of the USA where the rules, proposed laws, urgency which are likely to appear on the federal list are recorded. This list is always published daily with holidays only the exception. There is the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR). This is where all the finals urgency laws or the rules which have been updated on the federal register are coded. The federal register has various purposes; the first purpose is to deal with litigations which are usually not necessary in the regulatory process with a view of reducing them to minimize congestions. Alternatively, the register provides a suitable arrangement through which with the assistance of other external expertise, the federal agencies can cooperatively study mutual problems; develop recommendation for action by the proper authorities to help justice prevails on the federal agencies by carrying out the public interest expeditiously. Another purpose of the federal register is to improve efficiency to ensure that application of the regulatory process is effective and abide by the laws. The last goal is to help bring in the scientific perspective on the evidence and in the regulatory process in general ("Organization and Purpose," 2017). 

The entry code under which the alcohol and other drugs such as tobacco are registered under the federal regulation is the title twenty-seven. Under the title, the following are guided, alcohol, tobacco products, and firearms. The CFR Title 27 is one of the fifty titles of CFR in the USA which has rules and regulation which guided by the federal laws and agencies regarding tobacco, alcohol and firearms products. This document is always available online, or one can get a copy of the printed form. On the online, the title can be found on Electronic Code of the Federal Regulation. The title has three parts which are segmented as follows; the first part is alcohol and tobacco tax and trade berries under the department of the treasury. Alternatively, there is alcohol and tobacco tax business bureau and the last bureau is that of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and firearms under the department of justice ("Organization and Purpose," 2017). 

U.S. Code Title 42 – Chapter 7, Subchapter XXI, Section 1397 aa. 

The US Code Title 42 subsection 1397aa of chapter seven has its main purpose anchored on the state child health plans. The major purpose of this subsection is to ensure that the states within the United States of America are provided with enough funds which will make it easy for them to initiate and also expound on the provision of the quality healthcare to children. It ensures that the services are provided in efficient as well as effective in a coordinated manner with other sources of health benefits coverage for children. The children targeted by this subchapter are those who have incapability of getting proper healthcare. They are inclusive of those children hailing from humble backgrounds and the uninsured children. The coverage under this subchapter are oriented at obtaining the coverage that meets the requirement of section 1397cc of this title or under chapter twelve of the same chapter which provides benefits of the state's medical plan ("42 U.S. Code § 1397aa - Purpose; State child health plans", 2017) 

Declaration, the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights 

Declaration of Independence has four main purposes which are inclusive of making colonist realize their loyalty is lost among US people. Explain the Congress position on social governance, and encourage other nations for help. The purpose of US constitution is to ensure that fundamental rights of all Americans are established, and the direction on how government works is provided. Lastly, the purpose of the bill of rights is to serve as the cornerstone of US citizen’s freedom and the protection as asserted by Graham (2013). 

For the bill of rights, the power of the government and social participation were the main factors considered when being enacted, power division and social inclusion were the two major factors taken into consideration when making bill of right and lastly getting power from the colonist and the freedom of the citizens were the main factors considered on the declaration of independence. The three documents are relevant to US social welfare since they allow for free speech and right to fight for what is rightfully owned by the citizens (Rossum & Tarr, 2016). 

Describe the significance of Alabama’s H.B. 56 to persons living in Alabama 

This is an anti-immigrants law which requires that unlawful immigrants cannot have rights to receive any public benefits at either at state or local level. It had an impact in Alabama increased chances of employment, in an institution such as hospitals and school. Also improve better services to those who rightfully deserve them (Sandoval, 2013). 


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