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Amanda Todd and Anonymous Part One

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In my view, Amanda’s harasser should be held accountable for the action that Amanda Todd took. The person on the other end of the internet was rude by taking someone’s pictures without their consent and to make matters worse spread them like wildfire on the internet. By engaging in the common action of led to the unbearable situation for Amanda, she could not even face herself leave alone living a peaceful life. She tried escaping and cheating reality for some time, but it was still not enough. Amanda’s tormentor is still at large happy and free while the family of Amanda suffers in deep pain and emotions. 

The increase of advanced technologies has brought with it challenges affecting our societies. The same dirt on the internet is being swept under a rug; the problem is mounting day in day out and needs to be addressed now all over the globe. Children are very susceptible to social media and the more they are being lured there at a tender age, the more the danger. It is the responsibility of everyone to try and stop bullying no matter how little it is, it noted. There should be a zero tolerance for students who seek to intimidate the others in school and also at home the same people who try and bully other children should be tightly dealt with accordingly. The case of Amanda was a case of corruption of a minor even if it took place online. The Behaviour should not be tolerated in any environment. 

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The harasser had the motive of doing what he was doing since he followed her restlessly for three good years. He pursued every gap Amanda had to escape him, for instance, he even befriended her current friends digitally after she had been relocated to a distinct school. The motive is to pursue what he was doing best which was to harass her even the more even after she had tried to escape him. At this juncture, it is evident that he was fully responsible for the death that was coming and suicide committed by Amanda. The harasser was not giving her a chance to breathe fresh air in the new environments she tried to engage. 

I don’t think that the hacker group “Anonymous” should be protected, and should be held legally prosecutable for the vigilantism and defamation. The group tried to engage in a job that is not theirs since they wanted to hide their guiltiness regarding the issue since bringing people to book is not their job. It would only serve well if they were to be prosecuted with vigilantism. The definition of the word perfectly describes what they are as a group. They took the law into their hands and even tried to enforce it. 

There is a very strong connection that exists between by bullying and suicide. “In what ways should one be considered to have gone too far with the action of bullying?” when I come to terms with the case such as that of Amanda Todd. It is surprising how she was bullied in silence, loss, and suicide that occurred at the same time. Amanda began engaging in internet activities at a tender age of twelve years old when she would take some few photos of herself and post them on YouTube. From this little angle of beginning, it went on and on to her joining chat rooms and making new friends online. She progressed stage by stage but this time in the wrong direction when she met an older individual with the name Tyler Boo that then convinced her tactically to take a picture of her breasts, without her consent the man had taken photos of her ( Stroud, 2016)

The man began blackmailing her for a “show” when if she did not comply with he would post the photos of her on the internet on Facebook. Well, she never accepted the proposal and that is where things got out of hand and pictures of her nudeness were sent on the internet for her friends to see. After that occasion everyone in her school started mocking her and picking on her for this weak moment she had taken. Moved from one school to another but the man was very persistent in what he wanted. There it is important for the school to establish stringent policies that guide and control bullying within the premises. The policies will assist students that may be potential suicide committers not to take part in it. For instance, if there were stricter policies before the suicide had taken place, it would have been much better ( Twist, 2017)

The school should take it upon them to come up with policies that are well organized and occasionally eliminate students at a tender age what the world of bullying looks like. There should be organized seminars that are directed towards the formation and enlightenment of people regarding one’s life and dignity of their person. It is up to the teachers and the parents to coordinate in monitoring their child’s online and offline forms of behaviors. Stern action should be taken at the sight of the first instance when aggressive behavior is observed in an individual’s character. The use of technology is also not very good to some extent and should be controlled. Cyberbullying is a backward trend and should be given a very stern action if one is found guilty of the incident. Therefore, if all the factors are put together, they can make sure that they have full control of everything and preventing future accidents. 

Bullying is a very bad vice of our societies and should not be entertained at any given level. It is good to bring students that are responsible to their brother keeper checking on their friends, and if they did so then, I think Amanda would have been alive to date. She even went to the internet to tell people regarding her story and how lonely she was, but no one came to her rescue in time. The government also should take up their end of the bargain and try to tighten up their security measure by ensuring that a person caught with incidences of bullying gets a hefty penalty and jail term for the others to learn. The websites that allow children adults to mingle should be closed down permanently to ensure that the young students are not vulnerable of being lured into the dark side of things. All in all, suicide was not a good thing that Amanda did, but she was too young to note ( Sumrall, 2016)


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