16 Dec 2022


American vs. European Education: Which System is Better?

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Systems of education usually differ across different nations. The American and European education system may have their similarities as well as differences. The aim of this paper is to compare American vs. European education. American Education focuses on breadth hence the students are given weekly or biweekly readings in addition to other assignments while European education emphasizes depth hence it is more lecture-based meaning they have fewer assignments compared to American education (Clark, 2003). In American education, grading of the final exam depends on the student’s performance on various assignments while European education can grade their students based only on the final exam. American education focuses on the repetitive learning style that forces the student to memorize a lot of information that may not be beneficial to them (Fryberg and Markus, 2007). By getting rid of this, the student’s performance could greatly improve. This has worked for European education where they tend to register higher education scores compared to America. 


Both countries have good education systems that approach education differently. These different approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. The incorporation of ideas from the others education system could be beneficial in improving the education system in both America and Europe. 

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Clark, B.R. (2003). The higher education system: Academic organization in cross-national perspective. University of California Press. 

Fryberg, S.A & Markus, H.R. (2007). Cultural models of education in American Indian, Asian American and European American contexts. Social psychology of education

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