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Analysis of Corruption in the Edison Force (2005)

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The major issue 

The primary issue in the film, “Edison Force” is related to the massive corruption by the officials and policemen who have continuously been shown to silence any person that threatened to spill the beans concerning their illegal underhand dealings (Freedman & Spacey, 2005). Corruption has been portrayed as a significant threat to the country and has further been associated with numerous murder cases as the perpetrators try to conceal their wrong deeds. The movie has done a great job to expose the evil acts in the society and how people try as much to cover illegal businesses. Justice is often not delivered in most instances because of corruption. Evidently, this is one of the well thought out films and a sound basis for any film that aims to grab the attention of the audience with intrigue, plot and even twists. The unfolding of events in the movie would keep any viewer glued on the film. 

Synopsis of how this issue came to be and what happened 

The film is simply a brutal suspenseful story revolving around a network of corrupt dealings going on throughout the city’s justice system. As illustrated in the movie, there has been massive corruption in the city, but no one individual dared to challenges. However, there was one courageous photojournalist who had heard of a mystifying indication of appreciation between an indicted killer and Deed an officer who had arrested him (Freedman & Spacey, 2005). The patrol team might appear as prominent officials willing to uphold peace, but in a closer look, they are the dark and sinister band of killers. These patrol peacekeepers were under oath to maintain order in the city of Edison after years of disorder and aggression. The peace-keepers were led by a homicidal cop named Francis Lazerov and were specifically out to benefit themselves. A young journalist, Josh Pollack emerged more determined and willing to unravel the wrongs in the society committed by these country’s top officials by exposing a den of corrupt police officers. 

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There were bloody and violent scenes characterized by short outs at the Edison’s Plaza Bank. Deed is one of the corrupt members who believe that life is not the way it is as result of the acts of corrupt law enforcement officers of F.R.A.T. Lazerov, on the other hand, is horrendous of a bully, a heartless, thoughtless walking tornado. He is shown to be ever ready to commit murder at any moment and take the drug money as payment. Pollack approached Deed and Lazerov after the court session to gather information on what had transpired inside the court and why the young boy kept on thanking Deed for his gracious actions. The editor of the young journalist was not supportive of his efforts to expose the fraudulent actions of leaders at Edison Force. Numerous wrong dealings were being conducted from the face of the public to benefits certain individuals such as Tilman at the expense of the public and government. 

In the process of gaining influence, he authorized the callous assassination of a vast number of the population and carried out numerous brutal killings himself (Freedman & Spacey, 2005). Pollack was determined to expose the actions of the police officials to the general public by enlisting the support of the journalism editor. It was made successful when they decided to consult a friend who was asking as a top government investigator by the name Lee Wallace to help them build a relationship with Officer Deed held between reputation and responsibility to act ethically by ending the extensive corrupt dealings that were going on in the city within the police force. In the process of looking for proof, the young journalist together with his girlfriend was viciously assaulted by lazerov with his team with an aim to prevent him from proceeding with the investigation. Deed later decided to help Pollack, and with the FBI assistance, he was able to provide critical information that would have been used as a proof for the corrupt dealings that were going on. However, Deed warned the journalist of this act and what might befall him if care is not taken (Gilchrist, 2006). 

How it could have turned out better 

It could have turned out better if Pollack, a young, idealistic journalist had worked hard enough in seeking evidence that would have been used to claim justice for the innocent population. In addition to this, Moses Ashford (Morgan Freeman) should not have fired Pollack for finding a good story that is typically conjectured. According to Gilchrist (2006), Deed should have immediately cooperated and helped the journalist in accessing vital information rather than waiting for a long time until things went out of control. Intimidation of the press further played a significant role in derailing the process of exposing the illegal dealings and delivering justice to the public members. It would have been better if the journalist department and the government worked together to enhance the security of this young journalist to ensure that he access the necessary information from all the targeted institutions in the country. 

What ought to been done to avoid it from occurring 

Journalism ethical plays a vital role in determining and controlling the actions of any journalists. The young reporter tried his best to expose the illegal dealings in the society. It would have been important to provide evidence to the public that underground dealings are being conducted in the country are increasingly affecting the community. It would have helped to expose the masterminds of these dealing then the judicial system should be competent enough to deliver justice to the innocent victims. The journalist should thus have supported in accessing all necessary information and given support by the rest of the press team to efficiently expose the illegal businesses in the city. Collaboration is critical when it comes to fighting corruption, but this was not possible in the film (Seligson, 2002). 

Press release 

Corruption is a major challenge to the economy because of it illegal undermines legitimate operation in the economy which denies the huge government revenues that would have been used to improve the social welfare of the citizens. Through corruption, a significant number of innocent citizens have lost their lives (Seligson, 2002). Clearly, the corrupt members are willing to do all it takes to conceal their dealings including killing as many people as possible. It is, therefore, necessary for the government and the judicial system to be vigilant to fight corruption. Most of these dealings are carried out by government officials hence it might not be easy to address them immediately, but it is the duty of the state to put the measure in place that would help target and eliminate corruption in the country. The judicial system should be strengthened and empowered to ensure that they deliver justice without fear of being intimidated (Mauro, 1997). In addition to this, the investigating team and the journalists should be equipped with necessary resources and security to ensure that they can gather evidence that would help fight corruption completely from the face of the economy. All the concerned individuals should work collaboratively to ensure that they uniformly fight a common enemy because this is the only way to eliminate corruption. 


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