28 Apr 2022


Apollo Group of Hospitals’ SWOT Analysis

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A SWOT analysis is essential to understanding how an organization functions. Besides, it offers a basis for designing a strategic plan for the organization. This paper performs a SWOT analysis for Apollo Group of Hospitals, an India based institution that has for over time been receiving kidney and cancer patients from the African continent. The paper aims at identifying its strengths that have enabled it to handle such a large influx of patients and maintain quality service provision, the weaknesses that inhibit stellar performance, the available opportunities for further growth, and threats posed to the institution. The SWOT analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the organization from within as well as outlines the opportunities and threats that emanate from without. In most cases, the analysis covers the company profile, the financial investment, and patients’ services provided as the main focus. In health and allied institutions, the SWOT analysis is important as it provides the yardstick for measuring whether the key deliverables in health care provision have been met.


A passionate doctor who had big dreams for the hospital founded the hospital in 1983. The hospital goes to the record for being among the first 5 hospitals to be listed public in the stock exchange market (Paliwal, 2006). One of the key explanations behind Apollo's development was the five-star mentalities, an idea that was sustained by the originator. 

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Excellent services. Apollo contracted top quality specialists and furnished them with the preparation and innovation. This right environment was crucial for the growth of the clinic. Representatives and staff were hired as the capacity grew and more specialists were recruited to attend to the pressing needs. Most importantly, Apollo ensured that they convey quality service to the clients. Patients were given the accommodation they anticipated from a premium clinic. Apollo's most noteworthy quality is the primary mover advantage. They were among the pioneers in setting up quality private medical facilities in India. Since they could give world class curative and rehabilitation administration at moderate rates, this turned into a quality for clients. The government likewise helped them inevitably by disposing of numerous budgetary and administrative obstructions. Liberalization of the private division was a help. 

Competitive remuneration. Apollo remunerates the experts considerably well as far India was concerned and this empowered them to pull inability. Specialists who needed to return to their nation of origin were glad to join Apollo. 

High quality equipment. The hospital imported most advanced types of gear and had a decent achievement rate. By utilizing sound promoting, they could fabricate a brand name rapidly (Paliwal, 2006). The India's developing white collar class made a bog percentage of the target clients for Apollo Hospitals. The patients were prepared to pay for quality treatment and this fragment was developing at more than 8%. 


However amid the great opportunities and strengths Apollo hospitals have a number of weaknesses as well as threats that give the management particularly the strategic management team a bit of tension and takes in a lot of planning and research to minimize the effects and improve on the weaknesses. These include the following.

Insufficient branches. The fact that Apollo hospital has not had its branches in semi-urban areas means that there is a great number of client bases that they have not broken ground and made an attempt to reach. The hospital will gain more by expanding the reach of its services.

Higher prices. The hospital does not serve a majority of the native people due to considerably high pricing that is unaffordable to the majority of the poor population of India. Based on the social economic background of India, if the hospital reviewed its pricing for the locals, then a collapse of the international markets would not threaten its existence since the country is has higher populations which will provide ready market.


Inefficiency of the government hospitals. An opportunity that was met with zero resistance especially in Chennai, was the fact that the government clinics were inefficient and could not serve the large population. In this case, the establishment of Chennai branch was a beckoning opportunity (Paliwal, 2006). The organization attracted many customers who needed a change from the inefficient services provided by the government.

Development of IT. The application of information technology in the diagnostics and surgery areas to ensure precise results and less invasive surgeries have ensured that Apollo hospitals have a mileage against their competitors. The hospital management has continually updated its systems to reflect the latest trends in the market.

International development of healthcare. The opportunities that are available to the hospital are mainly because of the development of health care facilities both internationally and locally are a bit slow and this gives the hospital a big millage against the competitors (Paliwal, 2006). Apollos keeps abreast with the latest innovations in healthcare, proving to be a more competent ally in the sector. Dissecting into the opportunities, the western health care services are expensive, making it hard for the common person to afford the same. Since, Dr. Reddy in conjunction with the strategic management team in his hospital, are responsible for pricing and have among the most competitive prices and quality service delivery the westerners come to Chennai and other hospitals for health care services. In this regard, the hospital attracts clients from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


Improving healthcare services. African governments and other agencies are working on improving the health care sectors to stop the export of income through exporting of patients (Paliwal, 2006). This threatens the very existence of the Apollo group of hospitals. If this is not looked into from the angle of competitive pricing, the development of health care sectors in the international levels will break the niche created by the Apollo and might either close down or go to the drawing board once again.

Development of new hospitals. The development of the existing and new hospitals is a threat due to a reduction of clients. Unless Apollos’ prices are quite competitive, then the hospital stands to lose out on the market. 


Paliwal, R. (2006). EIA practice in India and its evaluation using SWOT analysis. Environmental impact Assessment Review, 26 (5), 492-510.

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