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Apple and Sales Force Companies as Employers of Choice (EOC)

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An Employer of Choice (EOC) is an organization that offers a working system and a working environment that is best suitable for employees. Similarly, the organization can sustain the best employees. Generally, it gives employees the best working conditions that cater for their well-being by promising employee long lasting careers as well as the wellbeing of the customers. An EOC is different for every employee depending on their qualifications, employee’s preference and employee’s view of the employers work culture (Heathfield, 2016).Therefore, companies that qualify as employers of choice have most characteristics that are common with few unique ones that make them qualify as EOCs for specific employees.

A company that qualifies as an employer of choice has to exhibit all-around characteristics that motivate its employees. Motivation allows employees to concentrate and feel free at work. These characteristics include financial literacy, which ensures that employees are well catered for in terms of compensations and retirements benefits as well as employee insurance. The other feature is scheduling anatomy, which gives employees the freedom to control their work schedules with managers having control on swaps, especially for fixed schedules. Provision of legal services, food, wellness benefits, allowances, and housing are among characteristics that define an EOC. The important aspect these advances is to ensure that employees are well fit for work by relieving them stress and ensuring that the benefits incorporate their lives outside of work (Moran, 2015).

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Apple is one of the leading employers in the world attracting the best talent in the market as well as retaining them. A major strategy by Apple is providing restricted stock to its employees; from executive to retail employees hence attracting high-end employees from the market. Apple offers perks such as educational reimbursements for classes taken by employees, loans to student employees at subsidized rates. Apple also offers longer paid parental leave of a month before birth and four more after birth for mothers and six weeks for fathers and full stock acceleration in the case of employee’s death. Apple donation matching program is rolled out to all employees, hourly or salaried. Apple also has a built-in medical facility within its compound, “Apples Cupertino.” The medical facility is equipped with qualified medical practitioners to respond to the needs of its employees (Lev-Ram, 2014).

Sales Force is another leading employers appearing in the top ten on the best companies to work for. Major factors that make the organization stand out as the top employer include a V2MOM management model. The model keeps employees accountable and gives them a clear direction on growing their careers while helping the firm achieve its mission. All employees receive wellness reimbursements that can be redeemed for activities such as the gym, yoga or massages. Salesforce host volunteer events and tournaments among the employees and community in a campaign dubbed “giving back to the society.” Such events foster unity among its staff as they have fun. There are also get together to celebrate major achievements and success (Robins, 2016).

Apple and sales force have defined work culture for their employees. Apple prides itself for drawing geniuses from those individuals that are considered society misfits. Sales Force culture is built in the spirit of the family which binds them together giving each a responsibility for the other. Sales Force encourage hiring workers who are culturally fit in terms of education, experience, and skills. For instance, it looks for problem solvers and those that are enthusiastic about giving back to the society in its new recruits to drive innovation. The two companies are quick in recruiting new potential employees to tap new talents from the market (Robins, 2016). Employees, therefore, consider work culture and employers have to build suitable models to draw new employees.

Every company’s EOC policies have its advantages and disadvantages depending on the target workforce. The work culture of every company appeals to different employees. Apples’ culture of “the crazy one suits misfits” may not fit in the context of Sale Force culture of family. An Employer of Choice has several advantages such as attractiveness to investors and customers who will be drawn to its brand of excellent service from satisfied employees. Planning continuity of a top choice employer company is easy. Such companies also enjoy a ready workforce waiting list in case of future recruitments.

Employer of choice companies also has certain disadvantages such as having large numbers of potential employees. This implies that such companies have to be thorough to ensure the best employee is recruited. Nevertheless, tapping into top employees requires high maintenance costs to maintain them. These companies also risk losing best employees to other employers of choice hence the pressure to keep improving benefits schemes for their employees (Heathfield, 2016) Therefore, an EOC enjoys various advantages drawn from being in the top employer lists, but that does not mean that such companies have no limitations.

Top EOC companies can learn and assimilate policies from each other that better suit the needs of their employee. That way, companies can keep improving their policies by offering better terms for their employees as well as managing a driven workforce. Each employer company offers a challenge to another company to provide better terms of employment.

Apple offers better culture for employment having a culture that fulfills the employees and allows them to be themselves at work. It also offers attractive financial compensations and benefits. Apple also runs programs that ensure an employer gains the most out of its products too. Apple as a company offer great social responsibility terms for employees such as the longer leaves for parents and support to individual self-development by financing them for further education at better rates, therefore, standing out as an employer of choice.


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