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Applying Strategic Communication Tactics

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Email Revision 

To: Martha Reeves 

< mreeves@prooffice.com

From: Stan Liu 

Subject: Accounting Software 

Dear Mrs. Reeves, 

I am writing with regards to new accounting software I purchased at Professional Office Products. Apple is the brand name of my computer, and the problem I have is that I was unable to install your software. Being a small business owner, I believe your product will help to improve the overall productivity of my business. I have already tried to resolve this problem the best way I could but to no avail. 

I returned the product to the store at the point of purchase for a refund or exchange with a product that might be compatible with my computer. Unfortunately, the manager could not resolve the problem and asked me to contact you as the developer of the software with my request. Kindly help me resolve the issue. I have sent you the product via overnight courier services. Please contact me as soon as possible to confirm that you will honor my request. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in resolving my problem. 

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Stan Liu 

902 OR 90042 Oak Street 


A Bad News Letter 

Dear [Name]: 

On behalf of RichRUs, I cannot thank you enough for your interest in the two-volume DVD set of our founder Leonard Samson. I am grateful that you took your time to go through our promotional material and make your request. Unfortunately, I do not think that we will be able to deliver on your application. The demand for this popular DVD set has exceeded our expectations, and our stock is depleted. 

However, our production unit promises delivery of more DVDs in about three weeks. Please advise us whether you want to cancel your order or have us hold your check and ship the DVD set when they become available. 

Again, we grateful for your interest in our product. 

Kind regards, 


The Tone. The tone used in the letter projects the organization’s attitude to the reader. A bad news message is one which the receiver would rather not hear. However, by using the tone, it creates a buffer that has the effect of softening the blow of the bad news contained therein. The use of general language in the letter cushions the negative news persuading the reader that the shortcoming is reasonable. The professionalism in writing ensures that the recipient is less likely to have an emotional response. Also, the communication addresses challenges while maintaining trust and integrity between the client and institution. 

DISC Overview 

The DISC profile is utilized as a non-judgmental tool for reviewing people’s behavioral differences. A participant in a DISC survey completes a series of questions that produce a detailed report about an individual’s personality and behavior. 

Convincing the Management to Hire More Employees 

The example consideration is that the boss has the dominance style personality. The best way to convince him to hire two more extra staff is a written form of communication. Managers with the dominance style character place more emphasis on accomplishing results; they see the bigger picture and can be blunt. Furthermore, they are dynamic and trailblazing but on the other hand have weaknesses because they are unheeding, commanding and confrontational. Dominant bosses are born leaders, and hence there is no doubt concerning their wishes on the performance of tasks. 

Convincing the boss to hire an extra two employees would be an uphill task because they ask for every ounce of commitment and energy from their employees to achieve the institution’s goals and objectives irrespective of the present obstacles. Their comfort in leadership means they are eager to make decisions and see them implemented. 

The Sample Letter 

Dear [Name], 

I am writing to you with regards to the concern that my department has been operating understaffed for quite some time. This state has been the status quo for a while now, and despite the members of the staff meeting their deadlines, it looks like everyone is getting burned out. 

A list of my concerns regarding what might happen if this goes on include; 

1. Some of the employees from the department might find new jobs, and we would be so much understaffed. 

2. We might all burn out with some restricting themselves to minimal workloads resulting in a negative impact on productivity. 

At most, three people can analyze 1500 sheets of data every month with 12 errors. That translates to 500 sheets of data per person with a 1.2% error rate. With an additional headcount of 2 people, 19500 sheets of data would be processed per month with 20 errors and a 1.9% error rate. 



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