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Appropriate Etiquette at Work

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Etiquette is the act of portraying good behavior or good manners to the people that an individual is interacting with at any place of gathering. They are important in workplaces, home, learning institutions, leisure places, and any other place that people gathers while interacting in the society. Workplace etiquettes are classified as either natural etiquettes or those brought to the attention of the employees through rules and regulations in the organization (Bass, 2016). When any young individual is entering a new workforce, he or she should know the required work related etiquettes. Personally, the four work etiquettes that I recommend to anyone entering the workforce include taking responsibility, dressing appropriately, respecting property and space for others, and understanding that customers are gold. 

When an individual is undertaking his or her responsibilities at the workplace, he or she should be ready to take responsibility for all the outcomes in the end. The employees cannot escape making mistakes at the workplace. Making mistakes, accepting, and correcting them is part of learning, which is an important way of operating at the workplace. When one commits a mistake at the workplace, he or she should avoid blaming other people and take the responsibility by accepting and correcting it (Sankar et al., 2016). It is advisable that when an employee realizes that he is on the wrong side, he should apologize to the victim, responsible individual or department and continue with his/her responsibilities.

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Dress code worn by the employees is very important regarding the position they hold at the workplace. Physical appearance should be considered when interacting with the customers, leaders, and colleagues at the workplace. The employees at the workplace portray the image of the organization and they should dress in the most appropriate ways. For example, when a candidate is attending an interview, it has been a routine that he/she dresses decently (Bass, 2016). Such dress code should be translated as a normal routine at the workplace after being recruited. Many people understand the required dress code at the workplace while other resort to assistance from fashion designers since they understand the required dress code.

A new employee at the workplace should understand the restricted areas and property assigned to other employees. Such spaces and properties should be respected and any unauthorized individual should seek permission before accessing or using them. For example, some offices are allocated to specific employees or leaders in the organization. Other employees in the organization should not use such offices without being allowed by their occupants (Sankar et al., 2016). Additionally, properties like computers, printers, and copiers are allocated to specific employees or offices. The other employees at the workplace should respect them by seeking permission before using them. Considering this will help when problems like theft or breach of confidentiality, occur in an organization. It would be easier to follow up such cases as the people who accessed the office or used the properties within a given period are known and can be held liable.

Customers are very important people in any business organization, as businesses will not be successful without them. However, it is important for every new employee to understand how to interact with customers both on the phone and through face-to-face communication. When an employee is communicating with the customers, he/she should have undivided attention towards them (Bass, 2016). The employee should not multitask by engaging in other activities while communicating with the customers, as they will feel that they are not important to the organization. When a customer enters into the business or office, the employee should leave any other duty and pay attention to the customer without interruption. Such attention will make the customer feel comfortable as their businesses are respected through the commitment portrayed by the employee.


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