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Assessing Your Personal Contribution to Environmental Issues

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In our society, the environment plays a vital role in ensuring that we have quality air and water. Our daily activities can destroy or build the environment. Human activities that harm the environment often lead to global warming, droughts, and persistent food insecurities in the long run ( Adedoyin et al., 2020). A holistic environmental strategy enables me to adopt eco-friendly activities that are harmless to the environment. 

I live in a one-bedroom apartment. Also, I work from home and drive a 2014 Ford Fiesta which is a gas-efficient car. As the only person in my room, I minimize electric appliances use inside the house. Working from home has enabled me to minimize air pollution that could have been generated by my car. Table 1.1 summarizes my Global Footprint which also enables me to monitor my eco-friendly activities throughout the year. 

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Global Footprint  Description 
My personal Earth Overshoot Day  April 17 
If everyone lived like me, they would need  3.4 Earths 
My Ecological Footprint  5.8 
My carbon footprint is (CO2 emissions in tonnes per year)  8.3 
My carbon Footprint is (% of my total ecological footprint)  49 

Table 1.1 My Global Footprint information 

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air annually from my car is 8.3 tons. The prolonged emission of carbon dioxide into the air causes global warming. Long-term accumulation of carbon dioxide correlates to the ever-rising greenhouse effect in the United States (The Nature Conservancy, n.d.). The greenhouse effect has led to a warmer planet that is not friendly to all the ecosystem population. Also, it has caused climate change and extreme weather fluctuations compared to the 19 th century. 

People who live in small houses can minimize energy use compared to people who live in larger houses. According to Global Footprint Network (2019), large houses use a lot of energy in heating, illumination, and cooling processes compared to smaller houses. Because I live in a small house, I use minimal energy. This does not negatively affect the environment in the long turn. 

My carbon emission rate is 8.3 tons per annum. In the United States, an average person has a footprint of 16 tons ( Global Footprint Network, 2019). Globally, the carbon footprint is 2 tons. My ecological footprint is 5.8 compared to United States' 8.04. Adedoyin et al. (2020) argued that globally, the average ecological footprint is 2.75. I only need 3.4 Earths to satisfy my current demand, but the Global Footprint Network has conducted empirical studies and affirmed that an environmentalist needs only 1.5 Earths. 

To minimize carbon emission, I will replace my car with a propane car, cycle, and using public transportation. When I want to go to shorter destinations, I will only walk. This will eradicate carbon emissions into the air and lowering my annual carbon and ecological footprint. The Nature Conservancy (n.d.) agreed that walking not only benefits the environment but also improves the health and mental wee-being of people. 

Public transportation will minimize carbon emissions because this means I will not be using my car. Adedoyin et al. (2020) opined that the majority of public transportation means in the United States is rail transport. This will reduce my carbon and ecological footprints in the long run. By acquiring a propane car, I will be able to significantly reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the air. Global Footprint Network (2019) asserted that cars that use propane minimize the emission of harmful gases in the long run. 

In conclusion, my carbon and ecological footprints are high compared to global recommendations. High carbon and ecological footprints are the leading causes of increasing global warming and the greenhouse effect. To reduce this, I should start to cycle, use public transportation and purchase a propane car to reduce my annual carbon footprint. 


Adedoyin, F. F., Alola, A. A., & Bekun, F. V. (2020). An assessment of environmental sustainability corridor: the role of economic expansion and research and development in EU countries.  Science of the total environment 713 , 136726. 

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