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Basic Concepts of International Communication

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Different laws and values govern different countries. However, some of the few who seem to have the same form of governing still differ in the social life and economic sector. Some countries are more way developed than others which place them in different categories. The legal system across the states defines their economic outcome and how they relate. Additionally, for a country to have a healthy economic development, the legal system should make sure there is equality in all areas (Alshadev, 2009). The paper will look at the political, social, economic, legal, educational, and family system of United States and how it relates business of the country. 

The American political system started in liberty and democracy in 1776: which is still working till now. As it is a democratic state, it is known as a federal constitutional republic. It means that the country is based on a constitution which provides the structure of the government and its limits on their powers (vile, 2007). When it comes to the legal system, the Congress makes laws, and the president implements them. As such, the United States’ economy can be described as a free market economy where the government has limited control on the market. The government’s hand comes into play to provide basic commodities such as health as well as strategic services such as security and regulation of competition (vile, 2007). 

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The education system in U.S is different from the other countries. The country most focuses on the childhood, primary, and secondary school system. Every child has a right to education in both public and private schools. The state puts the women and men on equal levels when it comes to the family system. Women can go to work just as the men do and take the responsibilities of the family. 

Due to the change in technology, social media will help much in doing my business in various ways. My country has been leading other nation when it comes to technology. Social media will make my business to be known largely in the country by creating awareness about it. Moreover, it will create a strong brand for the business and increase the sales volume. One such example of social networking is Facebook which has the largest population than any other social network. The advantage of the social networking is that it does not need skills as people with both high education levels and low can use it. Customers usually get quick feedback, and it will also give a real interaction platform. Social media will help me create a market base in other countries and establish communications that will allow my business to grow worldwide. 

My business would use regio-centric management orientation as U.S. views the whole world as a potential market. This type seeks a broad market strategy which makes the business to go global with no limit to working with other countries irrespective of the cultural differences. An example is when I want to sell and promote my goods through the use of social media and do business with other nations. On the other side, the other forms of management limit my business from connecting with other countries to market it. 

As a business owner, I would develop business ideas according to the customer’s interests and look at the experience of those I employ. This would help in overcoming the barriers of communication between us. I would also avoid judging their views and use the right language. I believe in doing business internationally, and this creates a good market for it. I do not believe in the fact that people should do what is done in Rome when they go there as this would limit my business and its growth and create a bad perception of my country. One can still stick by whatever strategies they have if they have proven to be effective for the organization. The belief of maintaining on the say brings out the character of being rigid and making it hard to make changes for the business. 

In conclusion, I think that business people should be diverse and work globally for better profit. Additionally, all countries should consider using a regio-centric form of management to avoid limitation during international activities. This also creates a large market platform for the business people. 


Aldashev, G. (2009). Legal Institutions, political economy, and Development. Oxford Review of Economy Policy, 25 (2), 257-270. 

Vile, M, J, C. (2007). Politics in the USA. A government of limited powers . New York: Taylor and Francis Group. 

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