18 May 2022


Be Careful of What You Wish For

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We often utter words that we don’t mean to or do something that will hurt others. Some of our acts lead to dire consequences that result in regrets and statements like “I wish I knew.” Be careful of what you wish for is a statement that I will always use about a life changing experience that left memories that will remain with me forever. I hope that what I did will not be done by others and they will take necessary precautions in similar circumstances. Every day I wished to have a fast, sporty car that I would drive at high speed on the highways. I envisioned summer with friends driving on the country side roads and enjoying the road trips.

It was during the summer break that we decided with our friends to take a road trip. We planned to have a fun filled day before joining our families. Some of our friends suggested we hire sports cars from a car hire company including designated drivers to take us round. However, others opined that we borrow two more cars from our friends. The consensus was for the second option, and we had four cars with some of the colleagues volunteering to drive.

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The date and time were set, and we were to meet at the same venue then start the trip together. We had half an hour stop at a motel where everyone picked snacks and drinks of choice. It was at eleven o’clock that we started and headed north. The feeling was great with high speed dominating the road trip. The four cars would compete against each other while their drivers were making fun. After two hours of racing in the countryside, it was time to take a break and have lunch.

Some of our colleagues who had no experience in driving were mesmerized by the ease at which the four drivers navigated the plains, ascends and descends. The speed and overtaking were fun with each car outperforming the other. After taking our lunch, we headed east to an expansive countryside with limited commercial activities apart from large scale agriculture. 

It was an excellent experience having fun with your classmates after an hour of cruising, and we came to a stop in an open field. Some of our colleagues wanted to learn how to drive, and this was the best place to offer such training. We would get into the cars in turns and practice driving in the open field. The test drives went on quite well without any incident, and we congratulated the drivers for a job well done.

It was time to go back and with all the excitement created, some of the learners wanted to practice driving on the road. This was an excellent opportunity to test one’s confidence. Some of the drivers were adamant to allow the students to drive but others agreed to let them do so but at slow speed. We were moving at a lower speed to accommodate them and to make sure that everyone was safe. 

It was my turn to drive on the road and having driven previously; I felt that I had all it takes to perform like the rest. I comfortably drove for over fifty kilometers. Everything seemed easier than thought, and I felt relaxed and in control of the car. I was driving at seventy-five miles in an hour when suddenly the rear tire burst. I was not sure what to do because the sound alone confused me.

I was no longer in control of the car, and it started swaying on the road. Unaware of what to do, I applied instant brakes, and the rest is history. I just remember my friends talking in the background and assisting us out of the wreckage that was lying in a ditch. Luckily, no one has been severely injured as everyone had fastened their safety belts. We were rushed to a nearby hospital with cuts and bruises on our faces while the car was towed to a nearby police station. 

My desire to drive a sports car like a pro caused the accident. I was not aware that my action would cause injuries to my colleagues and damage to the car. What if one of us died in the crash or became totally incapacitated? Similarly, I did not have a valid driving license leading to legal consequences. One of my colleagues was admitted for three days while two others were released the second day. My actions and desires brought in suffering to innocent individuals, and from this, it is always necessary to be careful of what you wish for. 


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