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"Born in Blood & Fire: A Concise History of Latin America": Revolution

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Chapter 8: Revolution 

Q1. During the wartime in the Latin America industrialization slowed down and conversely, the population grew rapidly. Statistics show that by 1960 the population was approximately 200 million. The post-war in Latin America countries experienced an accelerated urbanization. For example, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Mexico cities surpassed a population of 1 million. The belief among many Latin Americans was revolutionary transformation was essential. With the hope of change, United States’ imperialism faced accusations. This move led to some Latinos joining nationalism with Marxism. On the other hand, populists looked to the ordinary citizens without becoming Marxists. The populism after the World War II emerged with a style of leadership that focused on winning elections and mass politics. For example, women suffrage was advocated , the voting age was lowered to 18 years, and literacy requirements were adopted. 

Q2. The United States represented the current prosperity on the onset of Cold War. The period involved postwar boom, and most American consumer commodities could not reach the Latin American countries. In 1947, Latin America disenchanted with the United States. It began with the Marshall plan that foresaw massive investments in Europe jump-start economic growth. The Latin America received only 2 % of foreign aid from the United States making Asia and Europe strategically significant. Concisely, the cold war period was astonishingly strong and according to historian intellectuals, generally malicious. Administrations in the United States involved themselves in internal affairs of Latin American countries aiming to either weaken or strengthen relationships considering the reception and cooperation of their Latin American counterparts. This notion explains the malicious nature of their relationship (The United States and Latin America countries) during and after the Cold War. 

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Q3. The Marxists standpoint in Latin America rapidly took root in the 1950s that featured in the Cuban Revolution. There were major significant achievements of the revolution. Notably, the social achievements included increased literacy, medical care improvements, housing sector improved immensely, and racists practices ceased. However, there were backlashes in the revolution as there was no freedom of speech and Cubans were denied their freedom of traveling outside their borders. These were severe violations of civil liberties. The U.S faced difficulties from the Cuban alliance with the Soviet Union, United States rivals. 

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