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Bribery and Doing Business in Saudi Arabia

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Among the Middle East countries Saudi Arabia is the country with the largest economies having a GDP per capita of about 25000 and a population of over 28million. The country is the largest trading partners of UK and there is solid interest for quality UK merchandise and ventures at the correct cost in an extensive variety of parts. Real opportunities for investment and exchange in Saudi Arabia incorporate customary parts, for example, oil and gas, additionally transportation, including rail, metro and airport terminal, health, water and wastewater ventures; atomic vitality, instruction; and mining. The UK is the Kingdom's second biggest aggregate financial specialist, with more than 200 joint endeavors worth an expected £11.5 billion ( Brill, 2012 ). More UK firms are effectively looking to set up a physical nearness in the Kingdom keeping in mind the end goal to pick up a dependable balance in this high-development advertise. The economy of Saudi Arabia is entirely dominated by hydrocarbon business involving extraction and exportation of crude oil. The country has the largest oil reserves amounting to about 18% of the global reserves. After US, it is the second largest oil producing country I the world and it is the world largest oil exporter ( Brill, 2012 ).

In Saudi Arabia actions of bribery and corruption are illegal. The offense does not bias as it includes all individuals either the British nationals or the ordinary UK residents. The act states clearly that it is illegal for any Saudi Arabia national/citizen to involve in corruption or the act of giving bribes for favor anywhere around the globe. An association carrying on a business in the UK can be at risk for the lead of a noncitizen of UK by neither nationality nor inhabitant in the UK or a body consolidated or framed in the UK. In such a situation there is no much difference whether the demonstrations or exclusions which shape some portion of the occurrence of the offence in the UK or elsewhere ( Brill, 2012 ).

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Additionally undermining majority rule government and the western nations' rule of law, bribery postures genuine dangers to managed financial advance in creating and developing economies, and generally to the correct operation of free markets. The United Kingdom Bribery Act 2010 was purposed to react to these dangers and to the expansive scope of ways that pay off can be submitted. The Bribery Act applies to non-UK organizations working in the United Kingdom and to UK organizations working abroad. It made four prime offenses: two general offenses covering the offering, promising or giving of favorable position, and asking for, consenting to get or tolerating of leverage; an offense of bribery of a remote open authority; and another offense of disappointment by a business association to keep a payoff being paid to get or hold business or a business favorable position (ought to an offense be conferred, it will be a guard that the association has sufficient systems set up to counteract gift) (Currie, Beaumont, & Hasan, 2013). 

The Act perceives that no bribery anticipation administration will be fit for counteracting pay off at all circumstances. An organization will have a full guard on the off chance that it can demonstrate that regardless of a specific instance of pay off it by the by had satisfactory methodology set up to keep people related with it from bribing. Organizations should thusly ensure that they have solid, breakthrough and successful hostile to pay off approaches and frameworks set up to anticipate gift by people related with them ( Webb, & Campaign Against Arms Trade, 2007 ).

In Saudi Arabia bribery is unlawful, and is indicted with expanding life. National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) was built up in 2011, which has the main objective as to handle corruption and bribery. Articles published by the press on examinations and indictments on degenerate dealings are progressively featured in the Saudi press. In June 2015, King Salman made a discourse within the sight of Nazaha in which he clarified that no Saudi, including himself, was exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else ( Hollingsworth, & Mitchell, 2006)

Endeavors to corruption handling in Saudi Arabia are confused by the culture of business and wasta that is already in place to differing degrees in all Arab states. The late King Abdullah tried to handle the market-twisting effects of patronage as well as waste that were present in the country, and coerce noticeable individuals to abide by the tenets. While Saudi assistants with awesome social and family affiliations will remain basic to most business dealings in the country for quite a while to come, there is a developing affinity to see the way of a thing, and the terms under which it is offered as the fundamental drivers of the plan ( House, 2013 ).

The Anti-bribery policy in Saudi Arabia calls for all the nationals with no exemptions to observe various set rules. The nationals ought to know that it is unlawful to promise, request, receive, offer, give, agree or accept bribes from any one even if he or she is not a Saudi Arabia national. This is because the Anti-Bribery policy will be enacted and legal action taken against carrying any of the listed actions. The main advantage of the Anti-Bribery policy is that it helps in protecting business by creating a corruption free business environment. A business or a company is obliged to have an anti-bribery policy to protect the business if there is a risk that an employee working in the company or for the company might involve or get exposed to bribery. A business anti-bribery policy should include; way to deal with lessening and controlling the dangers of bribery, regulations about accepting endowments, accommodation or gifts, guidance on the best way to lead your business such as contracts negotiations, regulations on maintaining a strategic distance from or ceasing irreconcilable circumstances.


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