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Business Systems Analysis and Design

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Basic Security Considerations 

The grocery business in question has adopted the use of social media and online marketing as its technological solutions must come up with best practices to ensure privacy and security of their data. This is important since these technological solutions apart from helpful in the running of businesses are liable to misuse and abuse which can end up compromising the grocery business. This part seeks to find out the best strategies to implement to ensure that such breach and compromise of data is not encountered.

Businesses across the globe are constantly adapting to technological solutions so as to increase sales through the effectiveness of such technological solutions to reach a broad range of customers. As the grocery business adapts this technology, it is important for the owner to be well aware that breach of security and privacy is a widespread practice which has cost many business enterprises billions of losses through cyber-crime. Cyber-criminal activities happen when criminals infiltrate into the technological settings of companies where they hack them to get sensitive and confidential information (Gangopadhyay & Dhar, 2016). More so the cyber criminals can decode passwords and thus con unsuspecting customers by posing to be the genuine company. This is done through the creation of similar social media sites and online marketing platforms where they make a killing out of unsuspecting clients. Furthermore, the cyber criminals are able to siphon large sums of monies from company’s account at ease which is facilitated by the technological advancement and knowledge (Gangopadhyay & Dhar, 2016). This, therefore, acts as a wake-up call for the owner of the grocery store to come up with ways of reducing or eliminating such occurrences in his business.

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Security features that social media and online marketing platforms should have. 

As discussed, social media and online marketing technological solutions are very liable to cyber-attack. More so social media and online marketing platforms can be compromised by the employees through accidental tweets and posts which may affect the business negatively. Additionally, if the social media and online marketing accounts are not used regularly, viruses and spams may be generated and which may be passed to clients who would reduce their trust levels for the grocery business (Kumar & Deepa, 2016). This means that for one to take full advantage of the advantage, these two solutions offer there is a need to make sure that they have security features. Theses security features are important since they ensure that three is no security breach which may be an expensive affair. The security features to include are setting some privacy policies which are known to all the employees. Furthermore, there is a need to limit the number of staff who have publishing rights and passwords in the social media and online marketing platforms (Russell, 2017). More so the owner needs to monitor the happenings in the accounts as well as conducting regular audits to ensure that no security gaps are present.

What to consider in terms of security and privacy in regard to third party vendors 

Businesses usually consider third party vendors in the technological market who are more innovative by providing add -ins. These third party vendors can come in handy when dealing with the privacy and security considerations in a company or business. The third party vendors can provide guidance on best practices as well as set safety measures in the handling and dissemination of a company's sensitive information (Da Silva, 2017). Furthermore, they can provide software which can track information as well as conduct safety reviews and audits to ensure continued safety and security.

Internal safeguards to guard against loss and misuse of company’s data 

Companies are faced with cases of loss of and misuse of data through intentional, malicious or accidental occurrences. To ensure the safety of such data companies usually, come up with internal safeguards to avert this loss. The internal safeguards include passwords and codes which are given to selected employees to enable an easier tracking of any eventuality (Ernst & Young, 2011). Furthermore, companies conduct regular reviews and audits so as to establish the status of security to prevent breaches.


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