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Causes of the American Revolution

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Many developments started the American Revolution making it hard to identify the main causes of the revolution. However, The Boston Tea Party event, Intolerable Acts, the First Continental Congress and the Battle of Lexington and Concord were the major significant causes of the revolution. 

In the Boston Tea Party event, colonists decided that none of the tea leaves would leave the ship. They dressed up as American Indians, boarded the ship, and threw the tea into the harbor, ruining the tea. One of the staff tried to staff the tea in his pocket, and they stripped him and sent him home without his pants. They also did the same to the ship owners. The King responded to the Boston Tea Party by imposing the intolerable acts. The act incensed the colonies the most, and they disliked the act. They decided something must be done against the act. 

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The intolerable acts lead to the creation of the first continental congress was 55 delegates represented 12 colonies. Despite the representation, the tension was already high for the king to respond to grievances presented by representatives. Colonies amassed arms and waged war with the oppressive British Army in the Battles of Lexington and Concord. After this war, the continental congress gathered again and remained the government. However, King George still failed to listen to their petition hence they united and birthed the declaration of independence, which created the war with Britain. 

As the colonies united, the British Canadian colonies remained loyal. Unlike the 13 colonies, Canada was treated as a dominion, a self-governing colony by the British. The implication is that there was no need to join others in fighting for independence that they already had. It is the reason the Canadian colonies remained loyal.

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