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Planning on writing the American Revolution essay and looking for inspiration? You’ll find help here! We’ve collected several real examples matching this general subject. All this content is completely free to read. Some explanations, tips, and how-to advice are also available here. Let’s go and check them together!

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The Revolution in America: Causes and Consequences

The American Revolution is among history’s greatest events. The revolution began in 1775 when a troop of British soldiers called the lobster backs because of their red coats exchange gunshots in Massachusetts (1934)...

Words: 294

Pages: 1

Views: 173

American Tempest: How the Boston Tea Party Sparked a Revolution

The American Tempest: How the Boston Tea Party Sparked a Revolution by Harlow Giles Unger gives the historical events that surrounded the elusive and infamous Boston Tea Party. The story chronicles a detailed account...

Words: 547

Pages: 2

Views: 141

The Impact of the American Revolution on Women

The American Revolution marked a dark period in the history of the foundation of the nation. Although the men were directly affected as most had to fight, the women were affected as well. Women’s roles were then...

Words: 562

Pages: 2

Views: 160

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Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution Many developments started the American Revolution making it hard to identify the main causes of the revolution. However, The Boston Tea Party event, Intolerable Acts, the First...

Words: 260

Pages: 1

Views: 395

The American Revolution: Causes and Consequences

Much has been said about the group of ruffians who dumped large quantities of tea into the Boston Harbor. That these men are associated with the Mason secret society is preposterous. The colonial masters intend to...

Words: 315

Pages: 1

Views: 125

The American Revolution: A Timeline

The American Revolution was a war of independence that took place from 1775 to 1783 by the thirteen colonies of Great Britain North America. The American patriots defeated the British rule winning freedom from Great...

Words: 1942

Pages: 7

Views: 346

The American Revolution: Causes and Consequences

The American revolutionary war a conflict between the British colonial government and the thirteen American colonies. The revolutionary war lasted between 1775 and 1783, and commenced when colonial militia and...

Words: 1149

Pages: 4

Views: 165

Loyalty in American Revolutions

Introduction In the event of war, there are typically two sides battling against each other over a certain cause. The American Revolution is an example of a war where sides were taken, as it was a colonial...

Words: 1508

Pages: 5

Views: 83

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American and French Revolutions

The American and French revolutions differed in various ways. The French revolution took place within the country, threatening French monarchy while the American Revolution occured in a colony away from its ruling...

Words: 287

Pages: 1

Views: 124

Comparison between British Industrial Revolution, American and French Political Revolutions

Comparison between British Industrial Revolution, American and French Political Revolutions Revolution has been imperative to the formation of the contemporary world. It refers to changes that are radical and...

Words: 803

Pages: 2

Views: 102


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What Is the American Revolution Essay

Let’s start with an elaborate definition of essay on American Revolution. Such a paper should focus on events that took place between 1775 and 1783 around the 13 Colonies. They resulted in American independence after a victorious war with Great Britain. Describing this war, analyzing its outcomes and consequences, or arguing about its certain aspects would make the bulk of your essay. You can examine its historical meaning and its connections with other important political events of that era. View it from an economic angle. 

Due to its importance, this historical event has been addressed in a huge variety of books and articles over time. So, you won’t lack valid sources to support your arguments or assumptions.

Best American Revolution Essay Examples!

You can use the American Revolution essay example available below for your inspiration. Or take it as your reference material. Read this example here or download it as pdf. Looking for the 8th grade American Revolution essay? You will find it and many more here. Thre are various examples of this general subject on our platform.

Here are some basic guidelines for composing one:

  1. Focus on interesting aspects or details. If you simply talk about this Revolution’s main events, you’ll hardly impress your readers as everyone knows basic information about it.
  2. Stick to historical facts. Such essays shouldn’t contain any fiction. All arguments should be followed with solid proofs.
  3. Don’t change the context. E.g., you might mention that your ancestors took part in this Revolutionary War but don’t turn it into an essay about your family. Revolution itself should remain in the center of your narration.

American Revolution Argumentative Essay

Choosing among American Revolution argumentative essay topics? Here are some things you should consider:

  • Pick some interesting, less known, or even controversial ones. This would help engage your audience. Also, you could demonstrate your argumentation skills when arguing about some difficult questions.
  • Explore both ‘pro’ and ‘contra’ sources to learn about different points of view on this problem. You could gain some great ideas for your own writing.
  • Once done, review argumentation carefully, checking for issues such as logical gaps.

You can also check our argumentative essay on American Revolution sample available here. And feel free to contact us if you need more help with that!

American Revolution Essay Outline

How about an easy and detailed writing guide followed by an example of the American Revolution outline? Suppose you are writing about socioeconomic reasons behind the Colonies’ struggle for independence.

An outline for American Revolution essay is an important step you shouldn’t skip. Prepare a shortened structure of a paper before writing its full-text version. It can help you spot all important issues at an early stage. 

Here is how you could do it:

  1. Briefly provide main points serving as an introduction. Include your thesis statement. E.g., this historical event was inevitable due to some deep socio-economic crisis in the British colonial empire.
  2. Don’t forget about adding several phrases that would show some context. E.g., mention that North America had been divided between huge colonial powers, hostile to each other.
  3. Proceed with your main part. Prepare 3+ strong arguments. They should show how certain factors caused tensions between the 13 Colonies and their overseas sovereign.
  4. Sketch your summary using short notes and phrases. Ensure no questions are left unanswered.

Make time to look through our process essays examples. They will assist everybody with this topic writing.

American Revolution Essay Introduction

Let's talk about an introduction for American Revolution essay. Here are some general tips on how you should write it:

  • It must revolve around your thesis statement. So it is better to begin with composing a really strong one. We’ll address this step in detail in the next section.
  • Make sure you provide all the necessary context. So, your audience will understand a claim and its importance well.
  • Try keeping it as brief as possible. Don’t cite any of your sources here – keep them for the main body. Avoid unnecessary details and, most importantly, any extra wording. The goal is to make your introduction no more than 25% of your entire essay.

Check our narrative essay introduction examples, or a sample is available below.

Introduction of American Revolution essay example

Historian Raphael gives a fresh and daring account of the United States of America’s birthing moments and revolutionary struggle early events that culminated in the battle of Lexington and Concord. He contends that the US war for independence did not begin in April 1775 with the famous “shot heard round the world” (Raphael 12). Instead, the war began the previous year in humble and rural towns like Massachusetts and Worcester. In the war, ordinary folks with extraordinary boldness challenged the British authority with acts of rebellion such as forcing royal appointees to resign publicly (Raphael 26). They went on to declare themselves liberated from the heel of their colonial masters. Raphael's account, therefore  , vividly brings to our attention the events and identities of ordinary people who are the unsung heroes of America's revolutionary struggle. Not many historians have delved into writing about the successful rebellion, and the achievements have thus remained obscure. The account of the Founding Fathers has been the only one that has hogged the limelight. Raphael offers readers a heartwarming story of gallant individual protagonists, at a time when the revolution was nonhierarchical and decentralized.  This paper examines themes presented in the first chapter of Raphael’s book, The First American Revolution.

American Revolution Essay Thesis Statement

Need help with your American Revolution thesis? Consider following these best practices:

  • Make it one sentence long. It should be brief but strong and captivating if possible.
  • Try picking some unusual angle for your analysis.
  • Compare United States’ creation with other cases of colonies becoming independent.
  • Select an area you are well-versed in. Otherwise, defending your claim effectively might be quite difficult.

Here’s an example:

Socio-economic crisis of the 18th-century British colonial model is the key factor behind the Revolution.

Feel free to borrow this idea for your own thesis for American Revolution essay. Just don’t copy this specific statement. You can also check other examples available here.

American Revolution Essay Body Paragraph

Stuck with your assignment for one paragraph essay on American Revolution? Or wondering what to write about in the middle part? Here are our tips for composing an excellent main body:

  • This is where you tell your entire story. So, provide all necessary details within this part. This includes quotes and citations.
  • When using some argumentation, make a separate paragraph per each main argument. It makes your text more readable.
  • Make sure this part is properly structured. It should be with clear, logical connections between separate paragraphs. 
  • When writing an argumentative essay, leave at least one paragraph for reviewing and refuting. It is about argumentation behind an opposing claim. E.g., mention that some researchers argue that political factors behind the Revolution prevailed above economic ones. And explain why and where they are wrong.

Our example is available below if you need some illustration for these tips. Also, check different history essay examples at StudyBounty

Sample of body paragraph in essay on American Revolution

Raphael presents the theme of autonomy in doctrine from the Anglican Church to the local Congregationalists in the British colonies of America (Raphael, 10). This is accredited to the spiritual revival that swept across America, and many indigenous sects were born like the Baptists. This helped divorce the colonists from the British identity that the Anglican Church had tried to maintain and inculcate. The colonies had begun to have a separate identity from their British masters in matters of religion.  The churches began to see themselves as a different and unique entity from British rule. The seed for the revolution had been sown at this point.


American Revolution Essay Conclusion

We’ve prepared an example of the American Revolution essay conclusion. Scroll down to access it. Besides that, here are several tips for writing your own essay:

  • Don’t forget that this part should summarize the entire text and correspond with your main claim. You can overview your argumentation but don’t repeat it. Also, avoid adding quotes or citations at this stage. All of them should be used in the previous part.
  • Keep it short but informative at the same time.
  • Maintain a confident tone. Use simple and straightforward sentences. It will make your summary more convincing for your readers.  

If you need more help, feel free to contact us! Our team of professional academic writers will provide help at any stage of essay creation.

Conclusion for the American Revolution essay

The American colonies were composed of men and women who had come from far countries to seek for wealth, gold, land and new opportunities as they formed themselves into territories. The settlements grew in organizational order and self-government, and the people were happy. The problems that they were running away from also followed; they needed to fight economic and political battles. The ordinary men were up to the challenge, and they spearheaded the first American Revolution. The historical book narrates to us a beautiful story of sincere desire for freedom, tremendous courage and great accomplishment by ordinary people. This paper has been successful in showing the events that precipitated the liberation of the colonists from British rule. It has looked at the transcending themes in the text including giving a response to questions such as the identity of the individuals who brought about a bloodless Revolution. It also proves the fact that the American Revolution was a bloodless one and also took place before the battle of Lexington and Concord even though the narrative is presented as a competing one over these responses.

Free American Revolution Essay Topics

Finally, here are some helpful American Revolution essay titles. We’ve picked the best suggestions got your convenience:

  1. Thirteen Colonies and their connections with England.
  2. Tensions between the colonial government and people.
  3. Interactions with Native Americans and their role in the American society’ development.
  4. Local resources and overseas trade: Development of the colonial economy.
  5. Proclamations and acts of the pre-revolutionary phase.
  6. History of the Boston massacre and its consequences.
  7. Boston Tea Party and its meaning.
  8. First Continental Congress and its consequences.
  9. First skirmishes and the birth of the Continental army.
  10. Rise of the American fleet and its role in the Revolutionary War.
  11. State constitutions, their tensions, and agreements: How the united nation was born.
  12. Declaration of Independence and its consequences.
  13. The new Constitution and its historical impact.
  14. Loyalists, their reasons and their fate.

Read also:

Feel free to pick from these essay topics about the American Revolution. If you need more help, just contact us. Learn what our academic writers can do for you.


FAQ About American Revolution Essays

1. Do you provide the free American Revolution essays?

You can find free essays on the American Revolution here. Please note that they serve as reference material for our readers. You can borrow some ideas from them or use them as inspiration for composing your original works. Just don’t copy them, neither fully nor partially, as that would be plagiarism.

2. How to start an essay about the American Revolution?

Several tips for your essay about the American Revolution:

  • Pick some good topic, in an area you are well familiar with.
  • Brainstorm and compose a strong thesis that would impress your audience.
  • Find relevant books and articles – there are plenty of them discussing various aspects of the Revolution.
  • Examine their references – this way you might find some lesser known but informative sources.
3. What is the American Revolution summary?

An American Revolution summary essay should contain a brief overview of the story you’ve told in the main part of your essay. It also should respond to your main claim. However it shouldn’t repeat anything, just briefly summarize all information provided above.

4. What is a good thesis statement for the American Revolution paper?

American Revolution papers can be focused on different aspects:

  • historical
  • social
  • economic
  • philosophical, etc.

In your thesis you can:

  • Tell a story about some less-known episode of the Revolution.
  • Argue about political or economic factor behind it.
  • Compare the Declaration of Independence with outcomes of other national movements.

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