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Child Labor: Everything You Need to Know

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Child labor is the use of minors in an illegal and inhumane way. Children should be granted their freedom and privilege to attend schools like any ordinary child (Syed) Governments and interna tional bodies should join forces to end this menace. The policies set against child labor should be monitored to ensure that children are not exploited (Bequele) 

Catholic Social Teaching Principles 

These principles strive to end child labor. The practice of child labor goes against these principles (Bryan) These principles are: 

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Human Dignity 

This principle stipulates that the life of human beings should be accorded respect and dignity. Misusing children is a violation of this principle. The perpetrators are only concerned about accumulating wealth rather than respecting the lives of minors. 


Solidarity means being protective to our neighbors. Misusing minors means that the employees or families are not protective of them. Instead of protecting minors, employees and various families are continually using children as a source of labor. 

Role of government 

The government being the most powerful body in a country, is expected to protect all its’ citizens. The continued practice of child labor means that the government is not performing their function. 

Rights and responsibilities 

The Catholic church teaches on the need to protect and respect human rights. The practice of child labor demeans this principle. Misusing children means disrespecting children’s rights. 

The work done by Craig Kielburger 

In 1995, Craig Kielburger was struck by Iqbal Masih’s slavery story. Craig was the same age as Iqbal. Iqbal had been killed because of speaking for his human rights. Craig felt that he should do something to change this menace. He, thus, collaborated with his Grade 7 classmates and formed WE Charity. They have since used this platform to protect children from poverty and misuse. Today, WE Charity is an international body that has established over 1000 schools and enrolled 200,000 children in these schools. They have also provided many families with water and jobs. 


In conclusion, child labor is a menace that should be put to an end completely. This can be through the government or individuals like Craig. He has brought positive change to the society. 

Works Cited 

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