19 May 2022


Class, Age, and Ability: Multigenerational Workplaces

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A generation is a group of individuals born in a period of two decades within the same era in a historical span. Therefore, individuals in a given generation have different mindsets, influences, and participate in unique events based on common beliefs and behaviors as part of their generational identity. In the educational field, the context of multigenerational workplace involves a bunch of mixed team encompassing middle-aged individuals and those nearing retirement. Still, a multigenerational workplace consists of individuals of different ages, character traits, stereotypes, class and intellectual capabilities who learn from each other by acquiring new ideas, experiences, and perspectives that can spark unique and effective ways of working. 

In some instance, multigenerational workplaces separate individuals due to the diverse races, age, or sexual orientation that in turn affects the individuals’ ability in performing their daily chores. For example, sexism may lead to the belief that one sex is much superior to the other and this causes dominance and stereotypes that thwart surmountable success in educational fields. Again, the concept of mythical norm in the field of multigenerational educational workplace leads to oppression, although some try to assume the racial differences, sexual orientation, class, and age. Therefore, multigenerational workplaces are associated with built-in privileges to whiteness that values their own experiences and fails to acknowledge other class differences; hence, thwarts success.

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Ideally, people of higher socioeconomic statuses, the upper class, the aged, and those with enormous skills in the field of education negatively influence the concept of multigenerational workplaces. For instance, the generational gap gives a lot of privileges to the white race, ageism, and the patriarchal power systems in the society and instead ignores the needs of the black people. 

Diversity in terms of socioeconomic status, class, age, and ability can have positive educational implications in the multigenerational workplace. For example, recognizing the levels of experience and skills of one race, age group, or a certain class can inform new ideas that can be used in tackling different problems and pitfalls. Therefore, attaining change involve the abolition of assault, racist patriarchy, and false accusation to expose people to work and promote universal struggle regardless of sex, age, or socioeconomic status. 

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