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Clinical C ase M anagement Model

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This model is a combination of case management and clinical therapy . The two are common in substance abuse treatment programs . This m odel is applied in case management not only to serve the unique needs of substance abusers but also to ensure cost effectiveness (Vanderplasschen et al., 2007 ; Vanderplasschen et al., 2004 ). Th e model will aid in achiev ing integration of services and continuity of care . In particular, it will provide the patient with individualized advice, counseling services, and therapy . It will also link the patient to community agencies and informal helping networks for services and support (Huxley, 1993) . 


In this case study , the presenting problems are an addiction , substance abuse, disease risk, psychological counseling, women’s health, alcoholism, poverty, access to social services, sensation seeking, drug and alcohol dependence , and issues of support towards education expenses. The se problems are the culmination of multiple factors . These include a dysfunctional home, absentee parents , poverty and the lack of access to psychological services leading to substance abuse and risky sexual behavior either for money or sensation seeking. Due to the compounding effect of these factors, it is impossible for Jane to concentrate in class. Therefore, the drop in Jane’s grades and the fact that she is failing her classes are indicators of deeper challenges. 

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To further assess the client’s presenting problems , it would be necessary to evaluate both the person and the situation ( Vanderplasschen et al., 2007 ). This is vital in helping to determine the need for assistance, the urgency of need, the required resources, and the priorities. The a ssessment w ould include collect ing information from multiple sources including the client, her mother, roommate , friends , classmates, workmates as well as the supervisor . Th is information would be collected through various means including interviews, clinical tests, and background checks. Interviews are sensitive, and hence privacy, pacing, planning, pitch , punctuality , individual rights and preferences must be observed. The questions asked should cover numerous aspects to enable the gathering of information relating to physical health problems, recent family or life crises, financial and environmental issues, mental and cognitive changes, functional limitations, the extent of availability and access to social resources. T he nature of substance abuse ought to be determined ( Sloboda , 2005). Likewise, specifying the pattern of sexual behavior would be useful . An inquiry about the client’s typical day as well as their expectations for assistance would be necessary . The instruments employed during the assessment of this case w ould include, the adult Alcohol and O ther D rug (AOD) screening and assessment tool, a clinical assessment of substance use disorders, and a d aily living scale for functional limitation. The assessment will be layered with problem confirmation at one level leading to an in-depth investigation.


This step involves the application of services, laws and clinical procedures to treat consequences as well as prevent occurrence and reoccurrence. This is based on a case plan of clinical management based on assessment findings. Some of the service interventions for this case include assessment and counseling, therapy, financial support, medical and personal care, home support and housing, and social support. Prevention for this case may involve medical treatment for substance abuse, addiction counseling, and both short term and long term withdrawal management. However, in the long run, a program for support, rehabilitation, prevention and management of co – occurring mental illness, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and other trauma would be recommended. The program would also cover grief and loss, cognitive impairment, as well as other issues of interest to women ( Vanderplasschen et al. , 2004 ). The merit of this combination of interventions is the fact that they address not only the presenting problems but also the root causes. This ensures that the issues are addressed comprehensively. Likewise, the approach is useful in preventing reoccurrence of the problems. 


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Vanderplasschen, W., Rapp, R. C., Wolf, J. R., & Broekaert, E. (2004). The development and implementation of case management for substance use disorders in North America and Europe. Psychiatric Services , 55 (8), 913-922. 

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