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Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy

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Leadership is important in each person’s career, mostly for nurses. Each nurse has the potential for leadership since each job is set on weakness and strength. The weaknesses are those areas that an individual may have a lack of strength, quality, and knowledge while the strengths in an individual career are those areas that one perceives to have strong skills or knowledge. According to the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) a nurse leader should possess the aptitude to lead others by proficiency and specialized skills. This paper covers my self-evaluation as a registered nurse in emergency room based on the American Association of Critical-Care Nurse Manager Skills Inventory touching on four critical areas that include a professional and personal accountability, personal journey disciplines, career planning, and reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets. 

Personal and Professional Accountability 

This aspect is important in a nursing career as it is a necessary condition for life development. One’s accountability level provides them with the ability to be responsible and clarifies each action they take. Professional education and personal skills learned to give a person a degree in their professional accountability. My strength of includes the ability to be well-organized individual who always puts more focus on what is prioritized as important to less important. I use the prioritization as the reason that helps me in completing my work on time and fulfills significant goals. I also work better in a team, since I enjoy giving input, which makes the team to always count on me. However, despite continuing to pursue my career, there are several weaknesses that the am trying to overcome. The notable weakness I have is leadership, which is reflected by not possessing any management position in the emergency room. 

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Career Planning 

With the nursing field continuously to advancing, it is important for individuals in the nursing career to plan on their responsibilities, roles, and academic advancement to prepare for the demand for care that arises with the advanced and complex health system. Career planning provides a nurse with the ability to identify their strengths and purpose for the development of their careers (Institute of Medicine, 2010). The career planning involves setting objectives that are able to benefit one's career direction, help in challenging the growth, raising one's confidence, and for increasing an individual level of accomplishment and achievement. With patient that are sick to stay at home and those that are more sick to be admitted to acute care, I acknowledge that these will influence the level of education. Therefore, I consider it as an opportunity of providing assistance to new nurses by teaching and mentoring them through evidence-based practices that will enable them to be competent, safe, and economical. 

Personal Journey Disciplines 

I see a great opportunity to grow in this area. I consider action learning and reflective practice fields as the opportunity to improve on patient care and to learn by taking part as both the learner and as the instructor. The fields of active learning and reflective practices are more different than AND program, which is based on memorization; the fields provide real-life situation which helps in learning proper techniques and increasing critical thinking skills. However, I lack experience in council management and shared leadership, hence I rate myself as a beginner. Focusing on the three priorities would increase my capability to deliver both as a nurse and a leader. As Mahmoud (2016) indicates empowered nurses possess the ability to enhance the nursing environment, improve service delivery and enhance the quality of care irrespective of whether they operate at the micro, or macro levels. 

Reflective Practice Reference Behaviors/Tenets 

In this area of competence I rate myself to be competent. I feel that am tolerant and accepts diverse beliefs and practices by trying to integrate different beliefs into the care, but only when it is appropriate and safe. However, I am trying to be sensitive to the beliefs of others that I consider unsafe by providing them with education on safe practices. Therefore, it is important for me to keep on seeking more knowledge due to many cultural groups of both nurses and patients at work. With the help of reflective and active learning techniques, am confident in gaining more knowledge that would enhance my tolerance and acceptance of different beliefs and practices enhancing the ability to provide quality health care. 

Discuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace 

Advocacy for change as a nurse does not only end with advocating for patients, the nurse community, or their families but also for themselves. According to Tomajan (2012), “it is important that all nurses engage in, and become involved in developing processes in their respective work settings to advocate for realistic changes that meet the needs for both patients and staff.” With nurses making up the largest workforce of the healthcare sector, it is important for me to keep developing my skills and imparting the same skills to others to ensure that the nurses are familiar with current and the coming changes in the health sector. 

Personal goal for my leadership growth and implementation plan to realize that goal 

My personal goal is to deliver leadership as well as management expertise helping in managing multifaceted and ever-changing nursing care settings (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). Gaining enough knowledge will enable me to acquire leadership concepts and doctrine required to manage and lead expertise in terms of formulating policies that would consider both education and working conditions of nurses. It is vital for nurses to advocate for themselves, in addition to advocating for their patients, and families, and communities. 


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