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Communication Strategy: Storytelling

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Cameron, in his article, seeks to identify the most effective communication strategy approach that has seen Nestle stay above the competition for the 150 years they have been there as a multinational. The article was written after Cameron had had an interview with Therese Kaillie, director of marketing and communications, Nestle Australia. Storytelling was the first and most effective strategy used by Nestle for the many years they have been in the market. They have been able to appeal emotionally to their audience, they have managed to catch attention with their different advertising messages as many people love the art storytelling is and the strategy has proven to be effective in-season and out of season. The article focuses on changing trends in marketing that are effective today. 

Nestle applied storytelling as a strategy mostly between the 1970s and 1980s. The results were tangible. Nestlé is a multinational company with its headquarters in Switzerland. Nestle is largest food and drink manufacturer and distributor in the world. Their products include products for babies, pets, food, drinks, cereals, and confectionery. Every year, thirty of the products Nestlé own bring sales totaling to US$1 BILLION. The market figures show Nestle is a company beating the competition. It is excelling and reporting significant profit margins. It is a reflection of a working communication department able to keep the brand in people's minds. The communication strategies applied also show proper planning and execution. They can be emulated as a successful company in the market. 

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Consumers are at the heart of any organization. The sales department is the lifeline of any business. A particular focus goes to customers as gone are the days marketing and communications messages were tailored to help sellers push their stock in the market. Today, the buyer is the object of interest and communications are tailored to guide him to shop from a particular seller over another. (Cundari, 2015). Communications is more of achieving an excellent customer experience. The focus is on the demographics of the buyer, what they prefer as trending and current and how to meet them at their point of concern. Communication efforts focus on customer relations, innovation, and creativity to suit clients preferences, emotionally appealing to clients, and making your messages fun, entertaining and precise. Communications are geared toward a greater understanding of the client's needs and perception. There is so much information out there translating to so much noise, and there is a goal of being unique and standing out from the crowd. 

Storytelling is a great art of reaching out to consumers. Advertising messages tailored with stories get an audience. It is important to note that with a story, a company does not come out as though it is out to close sales. It is a subtle and healthy way of getting marketing messages to the audience. The characters of the story give room for influencers and celebrities to feature in the advertisements for product endorsements. The strategy works wonders for the sales department. 

Storytelling allows Nestle to emotionally appeal to her audience. Relationships are created, and this is a great aspect of a winning promotional message. Storytelling can also allow for short digital videos that can be shared on social media platforms which have the potential of making an outstanding video go viral. One is also in a position to appeal to different generations with the choice of stories thereby one can comfortably perform a strategic targeting process. 

Nestle has not fully embraced the digital platforms, especially social media. They are losing business and are likely to lose more if they do not catch up with the trending platforms where the whole wide world is. Facebook, for instance, has a billion users every day. Companies have created their followings in millions where they specifically have an audience interested in what they do. The group translates to sales very often. Nestle needs to build a big following as it has a significant market share in the market already. Sides carrying messages in the traditional platforms like advertising on television, there is a need to embrace new media platforms. The mass media is an integral unit in our society. Through it, people are informed, educated and entertained just to mention but a few roles. One would not imagine the world without mass media because of the one important role it plays to mirror to society all that is happening within their environment including the economic matters. Mass media has long been regarded as an important force in business, so vital to the functioning of a company that it has been portrayed as an integral component of brands and companies. The management of Nestle should consider expanding its communications team of experts and have a particular focus on the digital world. 

Storytelling is a communication strategy that will transform the communication process in my company. This far, we have focused solely on visual merchandising strategies. There are lots of creative visual graphic and text materials out there on outdoor spaces and the internal environment. We have focused more on window dressings, billboards, signposts, and in-store designs. Storytelling, theater and drama techniques can bring life to the still visuals in our company. Storytelling telling will push us forward, and now we will think videos and film as a strategy to sell our brand to clients. 

In conclusion, communication is important for a business to run efficiently. Staff members need to communicate to fulfill the goals of the company while outdoor communication opens the business to the world, clients and other important stakeholders. The success of any business venture lies in proper communication strategies that will achieve both internal and external communication goals. Everyone seems to be saying something to the world, employing communications and digital experts will make the difference between successful communication strategies too. Making messages professional, appealing, friendly, entertaining and precise is the other primary goal. Nestle has been a household brand for many years. The communication strategy of storytelling helps engage their external environment in a great way. 


Cameron, N. (2016). CMO interview: 5 learnings from Nestle on modern marketing and communications. Retrieved from on 30.06.2017. 

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