14 Oct 2022


Comparing the Leadership Styles of Clinton and Trump

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Proclamation is the act of declaring to the public by means of announcement. There are many self-proclaimed leaders in the world but some of them do not need proclamation for they are true leaders. It is debatable whether presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are true leaders or are self-proclaimed. This article will discuss the good and bad of the leaderships among Clinton and Trump.

Donald Trump, was a successful entrepreneur even before venturing into politics. He runs a big business which he took over from his father Fred Trump. He owns a construction company and a real estate firm. He is a dollar billionaire and one the people rated as rich according to the Forbes magazine. This success in business proves that he has the capability to run the nation into a successful economy. Donald Trump believes in himself and he is confidence and that’s what make him a good leader (Jain, 2016). Even after being accused of unscrupulous ways of doing business and being a racist, he still stood firm to defend himself and still won the elections. Trump is authoritative as he said in his bid for presidency that his main mission as president would be to make USA great again and safe through destroying the nation’s enemies. Trump is great business deal maker and using his vast business knowledge, he is able to make calculated risks that eventually pay off. This makes him a suitable leader and great president in the making.

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Hillary Clinton on the other hand, has her own quality as leader. First of all she has been in the US government for many year thus she has a very vast experience on how a country should be run. The fact that her husband was president makes her so familiar with leadership since she has learnt a lot during her husband’s term in office (Shambaugh, 2016). Hillary Clinton is ambitious especially due to the fact that she is female and there has not been any female president in the USA. Hillary is careful on details of issues she wants to tackle. She is dependable and loyal to people of his side. Hillary Clinton is charismatic and this can be seen during her term in office as the Secretary Of State where she was able to make great trade ties with many nations

Despite the fact that Trump is knowledgeable in the world of business, he is sometimes not informed on statements that he makes for example his promotion of anti-vaccination myth. This shows he is not informed on important issues. Trump is also not careful on comments that he makes as he sometimes makes comments that make him seem racial or hateful to a certain groups of people. Claims have been made about how Trump is a fraudster and corrupt and how he uses unfair methods in business. Trump is more concerned on self-praise other than accomplishing the goal of a greater good (Jain, 2016). He does most of the things to please himself and promote his brand. Even though he runs a successful business empire, at one point he ran into bankruptcy, an indication that he might not be as smart as we always think.

Clinton on the other hand, personality wise, she is not a very likeable person and that’s why she mostly shies away from the public. Throughout her entire political career she lacks major achievements and therefore, would not bring about major changes had she been elected the president. Clinton faces many claims of corrupt dealings which makes her not a very suitable leader. She has a long trail of dishonesty like the instances of Benghazi lies (Shambaugh, 2016).

In summary we can say that both leaders have their pros and cons. They both qualify to be leaders despite having various shortcomings. Clinton with her charisma and Trump with his great success in building the Trump brand have a great potential in leading people and we can therefore rule out the fact that they are not self-proclaimed leaders but are true leaders. In my opinion Clinton is a better leader than Trump weighing by the facts given above. Trump has so many shortcomings that make him not so viable as compared to Clinton.


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