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Comparison of Web Browsers

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The use of the internet over the last two decades has increased exponentially, so that 90% of the market share in internet users in 1997 stood at sixty million users while only 9% of the market share in 2007 stood at ninety million users (Miniwatts Marketting Group, 2011). As a result, the statistics of internet browser usage have become an interesting phenomenon for study. This paper is a reaction paper to various sites on useful browser data over the last twenty years.

Interestingly, the browser making began in 1990 with only one market player and has grown to have at least ten major players in 2015. These include Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge among others. Additionally, the number of internet users has increased in manifold proportions in the same time period, necessitating the creation of mobile versions of the applications for web browsing. This has seen the development of mobile versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, and Safari among others.

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Notably, there were initial market giants in the browser usage that have grown dim in recent years following the making of better and more competitive browsers. For example, the Internet explorer browser has over the years lost a lot of ground with regards to internet browsing in favor of mobile browsing applications and other alternatives such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. On the other hand, mobile browsing applications are gaining much ground as internet connectivity penetrates more on mobile devices.

One of the reasons for the wide usage of some browsers is because of their compatibility between operating systems. Most browsers can run quite easily on Windows while Linux and Mac OS have limited multiple browser compatibility. Therefore, one of the reasons why browsers could have more users could be the issue of compatibility.


Miniwatts Marketting Group. (2011). History and Growth of the Internet . Retrieved from Internet World Stats: http://www.internetworldstats.com/emarketing.htm .

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