13 Apr 2022


Complementary and Alternative Health Approaches

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Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes such as reactivating suppressed memory. Usually, it is used in clinical and psychological settings. 

The organization that oversees the education and training curriculums and the certification of Clinical Hypnotherapists is American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). To register with ASCH, a person must have qualified from a certified and relevant health-related field. They then have to undergo training, sit and examination and satisfy the respective councils that they have what it takes to apply hypnotherapy at their places of work.

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Code of Conduct

There is a code of ethics or conduct to guide the professionals in the field of hypnotherapy throughout their time of practice. It covers areas such as competence and professional responsibility (ASCH, 2012). Members are also required to uphold the values of the association and help prevent the infiltration of the market by lay persons (ASCH, 2012). Members are also advised to avoid dissemination of hypnosis related texts, speeches, and video clips to the media unless they are doing it to fellow qualified hypnotherapists or for education purposes.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Anxiety and depression - When hypnosis is used for certain treatment procedures and behavioral rehabilitation such as to stop smoking, there is a possibility that the individual undergoing the process might develop anxiety and become depressed. Eventually, the clients might fail to cope with the daily duties because of obsessive thoughts (Kouguell, n.d).

Dizziness – Hypnotized clients are also likely to develop dizziness after the procedure especially if the process of de-hypnotization is sooner before they regain total stability or if it is too quick that the body does not cope fully. In some cases, dizziness is caused by an incomplete process of de-hypnotization which is a result of non-qualified personnel or unwarranted rush to end the procedure (Kouguell, n.d). 

Works Cited

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