9 Apr 2022


Compliance, Noncompliance, and Discontinuation of Study Subjects

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Communication is an important aspect of healthcare and nursing, especially when dealing with subjects which sometimes refuse to comply with the process of a clinical trial. In order to optimize the potential for compliance, I will ensure that the parties to the trial are informed about the clinical trial through a face to face communication and the significance of the trial explained in detail (Edwards, 2007). The importance of a vivid explanation regarding the trial would be to inform the subjects of the reasons for carrying out the clinical trial.

In order to encourage compliance among the subjects, it is important to make sure that the process is conducted in a quiet place that is free from all kinds of interferences. Additionally, I will ensure that I use visual representation such as PowerPoint slides, videos, striking images, graphs and charts, and videos is used to keep the subjects attentive and interested through out the trial process.

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Subjects who are non-compliant are never easy to deal with especially when they decide that the trial is worthless to them. As such, I will find it imperative to isolate a non-compliant from the compliant subjects and deal with them at a later time so as to avoid issues of having more non-compliant subjects in the trial (Malone, Kier & Stanovich, 2012). It will also be essential to find out from the non-compliant subjects the reasons for their non-compliance.

A subject can be removed from the trial by the principal investigator of a site if they are children, pregnant women, or individuals with medical conditions that are not related subject (Liu & Davies, 2011). Though it might be essential to remove the subject from the site, there will also be impacts for the action. The impact can be an incomplete compilation of data regarding the health of the subjects within the period that the trial was to go through.


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