Free Religion Essays Examples in English + Writing Tips

Need help with a student essay about religion? Looking for good ideas or struggling with writer’s block? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected many such examples on various topics related to this general area. Besides that, you’ll find different tips and important guidelines here for composing a short essay on religion. All our content is absolutely free to read and use for your inspiration. You can go ahead and borrow any ideas from our samples for your own original work.

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Critical Evaluation of Harold A. Netland’s Christianity & Religious Diversity

In this highly readable book, Harold Netland explores how religions have changed in the modern day and globalized world and the uniqueness of Christianity among them all. As an expert in philosophical aspects of...

Words: 1953

Pages: 7

Views: 373

Paganism in European Religion

Introduction In the ancient era around the fourth century, early Christians had widely spread their religion gaining a huge Christian population. Nevertheless, the Christian population never encapsulated...

Words: 1185

Pages: 5

Views: 89

Conflict Between Religion and Science

The conflict between science and religion started way back in Europe when secular values started influencing the world by filing atheistic attitudes into an unprepared culture. This made some religious leaders...

Words: 625

Pages: 2

Views: 381

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American Jesus and feminist ideology

A predominant subject of controversy since the onset of the 19 th century has been feminism, its proponents, its ideologies together with those who criticize the concepts advanced by the movement (Gerami, 2012)....

Words: 596

Pages: 2

Views: 107

"3 Idiots" Film Analysis

"3 Idiots" is a comic film that depicts the relationship between Rancho, Farhan, and Raju, who are friends who encounter multiple experiences. The film subtly shows aspects connected to religion, such as prayer and...

Words: 1568

Pages: 5

Views: 340

Jesus and the Gospel Accounts

Question 1 The chapter provides the connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is a declaration by John the Baptist that the promised Messiah had finally arrived. About ‘the Word’, the word is...

Words: 794

Pages: 3

Views: 220

The Revelation of Humanity to Itself "Humanity as God intended it"

One of the stages of Christ's life is incarnation. Through it, Jesus Christ transformed into a human. While incarnation may both be a biblical word, it is an expression of biblical truth that Jesus Christ, turned...

Words: 225

Pages: 1

Views: 100

The Difference between Christianity and Buddhism

Different types of religion exist across the world making it difficult to provide a single definition of the region. Despite the various religious practices, there are essential characteristics applicable in...

Words: 1109

Pages: 4

Views: 130

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The Jesus Seminar - A Comprehensive Guide

The story and accounts of Jesus is a topic that has fascinated people from all walks of life. It is also a story that one that has fascinated many historians. This is because the belief in Jesus and his writings have...

Words: 1584

Pages: 5

Views: 84

The Nature of God: Exploring the Divine Character

One of the most challenging aspects of the nature of God is the presence of evil in the world and the suffering that it produces. Sin is divided into two states: moral and natural. Moral evil refers to evil...

Words: 594

Pages: 2

Views: 114


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Religion Essay

Let’s begin with a proper definition of religion essay. Such texts talk about the basics of faith, churches, and believer communities’ traditions or inspect religions from historical, cultural, or philosophical perspectives. Depending on a general subject, you might talk about your belief or discuss other ones you are familiar with within your essay.

When describing such kind of topic (be it your own one or some others you wish to talk about), you should typically provide the following information:

  • Its core beliefs (is it mono- or polytheistic and so on).
  • Its main traditions.
  • Problems it faces (or has faced in the past) and how they are solved, etc.

Religion Essay for School

In this article, we’ll provide some guidelines for writing about religion in schools essays. First of all, keep in mind that your paper must be informative and objective. Describing your own belief or discussing other ones, you need to avoid uninformed assumptions and prejudice. In order to engage in such discussions, one should learn about some basic principles at least:

  • What is it in general?
  • What are the main religions in the world or in your country?
  • Main differences between religions or churches, etc.

More detailed tips for essay about religion in schools will be provided below. Besides, we’ve got many such examples posted here for free. Go ahead and check them. Maybe you’ll find some helpful ideas there to borrow for your own work. Start with civil disobedience essay or discrimination essay at StudyBounty.

Religion College Essays Example

Looking for a sample of college essays about religion? We’ve got one for you! Feel free to check out its structure and style and reuse it in your own essay.

College students are expected to address more complicated problems in their papers. But you need to stay respectful while writing about religion in college essays. This is quite an important and sensitive aspect of modern life so better make sure you’re not offending anyone. Be objective and use valid sources to back up your narrative. Avoid informal vocabulary and make sure all parts of your text are logically connected with each other.

Religious college essays aren’t very easy to compose. That’s why it would be useful to have some real completed works as your reference materials. Scroll down to access our college essay examples.

Religion Essay Examples That Will Help You in Writing

Searching for a good religion example to help you with your writer’s block? You’ve come to the right place. We have many different examples for various kinds of essays on this subject.

Is your task to write a college essay on religion? This level requires proper analysis and some time spent on research. You are likely to address complex or even controversial problems. So, make sure to use good argumentation and at the same time avoid radically judging other people’s views.

There are two main essay types for this topic:

  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive.

Each subtype has its own peculiarities and limitations. It is better to learn more about each one before choosing your topic. Let’s examine both these essay types in detail.

Religion Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay on religion requires presenting some claim and defending it before your audience. You should build a set of reasons showing that you’re right which requires conducting some preliminary research. 

So, these are necessary steps when working on an argumentative essay about religion:

  • Formulate a strong claim in your thesis statement. Be cautious with that since you’re dealing with a sensitive subject.
  • Brainstorm ideas and collect sources.
  • Build your argumentation taking potential counterarguments into account.

Religion argumentative essay topics are controversial by definition which is why it might be complicated to deal with them. Feel free to check out argumentative essay examples or samples below – maybe you’ll find its argumentation structure useful for your own work.

Religion Persuasive Essay

Interested in persuasive essay topics on religion? We’ve got you covered! A real religion essay sample of this type is provided below. Feel free to use it as inspiration or reference material while writing your task.

Here are also some tips for persuading others to use in your writing:

  • Choose a familiar topic. It would be hard to convince others when discussing questions you aren’t too well versed in.
  • Use different types of reasoning. Appeal to your experience, emotions, rhetoric, etc.
  • Maintain a respectful tone because you’re dealing with some quite sensitive questions. For example, if you’re presenting ‘My religion essay”, don’t offend any other religions or their representatives.

Do not forget to browse various persuasive essay examples by StudyBounty. It is crucial for your essay writing.

Religion Essay Outline

Let’s talk about an outline of essay on religion. This step is very serious because composing an excellent outline would help make huge progress with your essay. Presenting its logical structure in shortened but comprehensive format allows you to correct all grave mistakes before writing the full text.

Let's look at our sample. Suppose your general topic is ‘Cultural role of religion’.

Outline example for religion essay

Introduction: draft an introduction providing your thesis statement.

  • Introduce your topic and write a thesis statement – a full sentence. E.g. debate that your belief is a key element of your national culture.
  • Add a few words about this problem’s context, explaining the history of this question in your country.

Main body: the body should contain at least three paragraphs, sketched but concise. 

  • Think your argumentation through and perform the necessary research.
  • When defending the cultural role of your religion, place each of your major arguments in a new paragraph.
  • Reserve the last paragraph to review possible counterarguments and refute them.

Conclusion: write a shortened conclusion.

  • Summarize your arguments and refutations.
  • Restate your claim and check whether it sounds convincing. Fill in any logical gaps if needed.

Bonus: Do not know how many pages your essay should be? Try our words per page tool and get an instant result!

Religion Essay Introduction

Making an introduction to religion essay informative enough requires some preparation and analysis. First, read how to write an informative essay. And here are the recommended steps:

  • Provide your thesis statement making it clear, concise, and well formulated. We’ll discuss this part in another section below.
  • Add enough context to make your audience familiar with the selected problem. It should explain why this problem is important and/or interesting for others. Otherwise, you would risk losing your audience’s attention.
  • Make sure to keep it brief nevertheless. Don’t disclose any vital information that is to be provided in the main part later.

Our sample is available for you here. Feel free to choose and if necessary copy this structure and these techniques to use in your paper.

Introduction of religion essay example

During the ancient era, both power and religion had a connection to the aspect of kingship. Power was defined as the authority to influence other people's behavior. On the other hand, religion at times espoused the belief that the divinity in human beings was expressed in the center of leadership, in this case, the kingship. The fields of religious studies and anthropology, as well as a number of conferences, have considered kingship with respect to its relationship to religion. Going back to the early civilizations, the aspect of power and religion worked similarly as well as differently in both Aegean Crete and in Mesopotamia. This paper aims at discussing how the two aspects operated in the two regions.

Religion Essay Thesis Statement Examples

When brainstorming a thesis statement on religion, better focus on the aspects you are well familiar with. It would be difficult to prove the point if you don’t know enough about the problem.

Are you writing an argumentative or persuasive essay? In both cases, you should make some controversial claims so that you would have enough materials for discussion.

Here is a thesis statement about religion that you could use when discussing its cultural role:

Despite many controversies about the current role of our church, religion has shaped the unique culture of our society.

Here you quote an opposite opinion on your problem and refute it in the same sentence. Such construction makes your thesis sound more interesting.

Religion Essay Body Paragraph

The classic format of 5 paragraph essay about religion foresees using 3 out of 5 paragraphs for the main body part. The remaining 2 paragraphs are left for the introduction and the conclusion respectively.

Here is what your main part should include:

  • All the information with necessary explanations and argumentation. Make sure to prepare valid data or evidence for your claims and assumptions.
  • Each paragraph in your essay should contain a certain major argument. Leave the last one for reviewing the main counterarguments against your position and refuting them.
  • Remember that all paragraphs should be logically connected with each other.

You can see how it is done in a sample available below.

Religion essay body paragraph example 

Ancient leaders, more particularly Kings, used architecture and art to show their true dominance vividly. In this context, various structures conferred different messages. It's evident that every structure portrayed a specific message as far as kingship was concerned.

A much more critical component, in any case, is the central role performed by organized religion within Mesopotamian in regards to issues of state (Finegan 2015). More certainly during the Sumerian times, the city and its monetary association were the duty of the sanctuary, with its progressive brotherhood in which was vested a power practically equivalent to that of the ruler and his admonitory committee of elders. As needs were at the beginning of Sumeria and Babylonia, consideration was paid essentially to the design of religious structures, and all sculptures that had a religious significance filled. The elaboration and enhancement of castles were an advancement of the Assyrian times.

Religion Essay Conclusion

Finally, let’s talk about a conclusion on religion essay. Here are several tips on writing a good one:

  • Summarize the important information you’ve provided in your essay, but don’t repeat it. Make sure you address the opposing point of view – this will make an essay more objective.
  • Don't put any reference material in this section – place all of that in the previous part.
  • Make it brief but comprehensive. Try adding some captivating comments about the subject. They could leave a lasting impression on readers.

A good sample is available below. It could be useful for you as extra reference material. Feel free to borrow some ideas from it!

Example of conclusion for religion essay

Evidently, as the paper highlights, in the ancient world, kingship was complemented both by power and by religion. The highest-ranking officials in government used architecture and artworks to show their dominance and authority. For instance, a stone relief and the Akkadian statue in Mesopotamia and the tallest buildings in Aegean Crete such as the Knossos Palace. These artworks showed that the kingship position was for universal well-being. The artwork was symbolic. It showed power vested upon the ruler and not the ruler themselves.

How to Write a Religion Essay

Are you stuck at the beginning? Here’s how to write an essay about religion – step by step:

  1. Choose your topic carefully. Brainstorm ideas and conduct some research. Make sure you know well what you are writing about.
  2. Present it to your audience properly. This includes preparing a strong thesis statement. But at the same time remain respectful to other people, including your opponents. Review your thesis carefully before proceeding.
  3. Write a short outline. At this stage, it will be much easier to evaluate how concise your work would be. Serious misjudgments, errors, or gaps can be quickly spotted and corrected. Just make sure to review your completed outline at least twice.
  4. Conduct serious research about your topic. Collect all necessary reference material. Use only valid sources and make sure all the citations aren’t offensive.
  5. Write the full essay. Format it carefully, use proper vocabulary, and don't forget about grammar.
  6. Review it at least once. Minor issues are left unnoticed quite often. Try asking someone else to check it out.

Still not sure how to write an essay on religion? You can contact us! We have experienced academic writers who are happy to help students.

List of Popular Religion Paper Topics

Need some good topics for religion papers? Or not sure how to choose from various religion topics to write about? We’ve got your back! Here are the 12 best religion topics for essays of various levels and types:

  1. The historical role of religion in education. (Look at the education system essay from our library.)
  2. Comparison and contrast of Islam and Christianity.
  3.  Start with Importance of religious community in our society.
  4. How do churches in maintain international peace?
  5. Benefits of polygamy/monogamy from the religious aspect.
  6. Ideas of reincarnation and their basis.
  7. Dangers of religious radicalism.
  8. Are religious people more moral? Why or why not?
  9. What justifies changing your belief? 
  10. Why the church should/should not be separated from the state.
  11. Polytheism vs monotheism.
  12. Why religions will/will not disappear eventually.

FAQ About Essays on Religion

1. Are your religion essay examples free?

Sure, we’ve got totally free essays religion for you, at no charge at all. Feel free to browse through them, read or download them as pdf. As long as you avoid direct copying, you can reuse their style or structure in your own original work or borrow their sources if they match your own topic.

2. How to start an essay about religion?

Always start your religious essays with strong thesis statements. It is recommended to address complex and even controversial problems. Such claims provide enough material for discussion and engage your reader. Don’t forget to give enough context about your thesis. Otherwise, people who read it might lose focus at the beginning.

3. Can I submit one of your paper about religion?

No! These religion papers available here aren’t unique. They have already been published online and are visible to all other people. Submitting someone else’s text for your school assignment qualifies as plagiarism, even if you’ve copied only a part of it. Be sure that your professor can easily detect that.

4. What is the importance of religion essay?

Because of the importance of studying religion essay is a popular assignment in various colleges. This kind of paper allows students to demonstrate their ability to address different complex and very sensitive problems. In addition to their writing skills, they show their capabilities of performing analysis and maintaining respectful dialogue.

5. What are the good religion essay titles?

Many essay titles about religion are helpful for engaging your reader. A strong title should be captivating (e.g. using unexpected logical constructions); controversial and inviting for a debate; correct and completely corresponding to your thesis statement but not copying it completely; relevant for different types of societies and avoid a narrow focus.


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