31 Mar 2022


Conflict in Health Care Organizations

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Health care agencies currently experience multiple cases of conflict and have affected their procedures of delivering quality healthcare services to the patients. Lack of emotional intelligence during work by many practitioners is a major setback to many health care settings in the contemporary societies (Ramsay, 2001). In many workplaces, teamwork has been a major challenge and had continued to impact the service delivery to their clients or patients. Conflict usually causes intrusion in health care settings and thus leads to poor health delivery. In the case study, there are various types of conflicts that have challenged the organizational performance. Since conflict is a complex behavior, it constituted of the intrapersonal, interpersonal, intergroup and intragroup.

The intrapersonal conflicts transpire within and individual and based on the case study; the staffs exempt themselves personal involvement in delivering the service to the patients and therefore address the manager on team nursing. The interpersonal conflicts subjectively focus on the group of the health care experts and practitioners, the staffs are assigned to various roles they need to dress during the call of action. Likewise, the critical conflict determination in the nursing organization is determined by both intergroup and intragroup conflicts (Patton, 2014). Here, there are subsequent consequences of these types of conflict in different organizations providing quality health services. The nursing practitioners, both male, and female possessing diverse personalities have aided the interpersonal conflict in the system as the new managers try to achieve the settings work ethics. 

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The dysfunctional behavioral series of many physicians have insidiously impacted the health care setting adversely. Ellis is challenged to change the working progress of the organization to make it center-based. Assigning roles to each departmental have caused workplace wrangles, therefore, interfering with service delivery programs. Ideologically, the manager, based on his critical ability realized team nursing as an effective program when patient inflow is minuscule. There is the lack of good relations between the managerial sector and the employees, and this has caused hospital employee conflict since he lacks the know-how on how to address the deficiency of health care resources. Team building and organization behavior are core competencies ideal for active nursing organizations (James& Savitz, 2011). The behaviors are due to different cultures and ethnicities of the individual experts. Lack of good relations between the staffs, that is, the RN who perceive things in their condition and the LPNs have challenged clinical services to the patient.

Nonetheless, organizational behavior through moral codes affects much healthcare significantly. Teamwork, efficient and eloquence communication are critical factors that any organization must anticipate to meet the desires of its clients. According to Green et al., (2012), quality improvement process must be procedural to achieve an objective. Health care settings are multiple sectors and need quality improvement through compatible management and build dynamic work relationship (Brinkert, 2010). Quality services have called for new strategies and approaches that will enhance effective care to patients, employees evaluation based on the performance appraisal. An organization embracing on the providence of quality services must have health professions education to help them eliminate conflicts in workplaces. Also, the experts must have emotional intelligence to avoid organization wars or conflict.


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