8 Jun 2022


Conflicts Experienced by Nurses

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Conflicts is one of the major issues that occur in any institution or organization where there are interactions between people. Conflicts may be healthy, positive or perhaps negative with the working environment (Cherry & Jacob 2016). For instance, in hospitals where there is constant interactions between human beings conflicts are likely to occur. Nurses perform various duties such as managers, health care providers, and educators. Therefore, these roles lead to interactions among nurses themselves and an other team member in the hospital. This increases the chances of conflict to occur in hospital setup especially among nurses. Therefore, this paper explains about causes of conflict and ways of managing them.

There are many kinds of conflicts nurses face when performing their duties in the hospitals. These conflicts always have a source or a reason behind their occurrence. Conflicts may arise due to scarce resources in the hospital setting, poorly allocated and defined roles among nurses, stressful work environment, tension, lack of excellent interpersonal communication skills (Cherry & Jacob 2016). This may lead to conflicts between two or more people. Competition is also another factor causing conflict. There may be competition among the health care providers and differences in professional skills and values. Even dissimilarities in economic areas. Expectations on the level of performance is also another cause of conflicts. This the paper explains the reasons for conflicts that nurses face in their profession.

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Moreover, if these conflicts are not handled properly, they will lead to negative consequences. Therefore, nurses should resolve and settle their conflicts . There are different approaches to be used when managing disputes . One it is always good to apologize when necessary if one has done something wrong that has offended people it is still nice to say sorry (Kleinman 2004). Improving interpersonal and communication skills, this will assist one to know how to address and talk to people nicely and with etiquette to avoid hurting them. Talk the issue or the matter open to settle any problems and clear any doubt. Arbitration method is also a suitable means in case other approaches are nor working out. 


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Cherry, B., & Jacob, S. R. (2016).  Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, & management . Elsevier Health Sciences. 

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