8 Nov 2022


Contentment: The Key to Happiness

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The spiritual challenge for discussion in the paper is contentment that is defined as the state of satisfaction and happiness. The reason for its selection is due to the fact humans love happiness and attainment of satisfaction in the course of life. It is noteworthy that humans are exposed to multiple problems that jeopardize happiness. This may lead one into engaging in inappropriate activities and behaviors that violate the established rules and values in society. Every religion aims at encouraging faithful to adopt lifestyles that stimulate happiness and satisfaction. One needs to realize that the actions and behaviors of an individual in the current life have influence and consequences in future life. Contentment persuades people to seek a fruitful, peaceful, and quality life. 

There are important lessons that one can learn from contentment including the need to create good foundation at young age. By setting personal and life goals, one gets an opportunity to choose an appropriate that satisfies personal interests and needs as well as brings happiness. It is not possible to realize contentment without necessary seeking guidance and adopting adorable values such as compassion and kindness. A good number of people in the world are struggling with multiple problems including diseases and ignorance due to failure to adopt adorable lifestyles. However, one should not be contented with poor state in life. For instance, an unemployed graduate should be happy that he is healthy and educated as there are individuals struggling in hospitals while others lack opportunities to access education. This may require having faith and hope while working toward realizing satisfaction. It enhances practice in one’s professional field. 

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The organizational challenge of contentment should be shared with patients. An unhealthy person can be manipulated to feel contented through encouragement which can help to speed up healing as well as relieving pain and suffering associated with diseases. It is also noteworthy that such an individual is not happy. The most appropriate approach is to encourage and offer hope to a patient. 

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