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Contribution of Crispus Attucks

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Crispus Attucks was an African-American born in 1723 and was the first black man to be subjected into the American Revolution. The man was shot and died in what is now known as Boston Massacre. 1 At the time of the shooting, he was at the frontline among other 50 patriots who were rebelling British troops. He became famous due to the spread of the news of the Patriots involved in the Massacre. 

Attucks is a representative of the 5,000 African-American soldiers who fought for an independent nation. It is important to note that the Boston Massacre became very crucial to the citizens of Boston as they observed it yearly. Attucks, then, is celebrated for being the first to die in the victory of the American Revolution. A monument was also built to commemorate all the people that perished in the attack. Crispus Attucks was also an icon in the anti-slavery movement in American history as he fought for his rights and freedom after running away from his master William Brown. 

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In the time when Attucks was born, slavery in America was very common as the black men and women became properties of the White Americans. 2 This means that humans were viewed as properties such as horses where the owners could do whatever they desired with them. The major paradox that the black men and women faced was slavery. It is after Attucks ran away from his master that he became a hero among other slaves. 

Attucks is also recognized in an online museum that was created by the University of Massachusetts. This is in honor of him for being the first hero of the American Revolution. The online museum presents a collection of articles about the events in the life of Attucks. He also provided moral courage in the fight that he set forth against the British. He is a framework that is respected for the courage he gave to his race going through the same oppression he went through and also for other races like the Americans, who finally became the most popular nation in the world. African-Americans have been known for fighting to counter oppression and racism in the history of America. 3 The Crispus Attucks High School is a center that reminds people of the legacy left behind by this man. 


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