6 May 2022


Cost Effective Virtual Methods of Training

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Technology is playing a major role in the new cost effective virtual methods of training implemented by different organizations in various countries globally. The current workplace is a digital environment where transactions are conducted online and businesses must offer training to the employees on the issue. Technology has helped as the employees can participate in organized training through teleconferencing or video conferencing with moving to other locations (Hale & Stanney, 2014). Training materials used can be shared or channeled to the employees through the help of networked servers and computers, which require technology. When the new employees are recruited in an organization, they should be taken through safety rules and regulations, which might involve the watching of videos. Such videos can be shared online and the employees are given the links to access, read, and watch notes and movies related to the safety rules and regulations. Through such interventions, companies in saving time and money by focusing and funding programs to help them in achieving their goals and targets. 

Many organizations are facing financial constraints as one of the major problems in the current society. The evolving training programs are seen as the best way to cope up with the financial constraints experienced. Training programs should be moved to the next level as per the frequent changes in technology and other factors in business. They should also focus on repair and maintenance of the digital machines used in the organizations. The knowledge will help the organization in reducing costs because it will not outsource the professionals required to repair the machines used in the organization (Bhagat Liou, & Chang, 2016). For example, the virtual operating system should be put in place such that the professionals dealing with repair and maintenance can access the systems in any remote area anywhere globally and perform the repair and maintenance. Additionally, the staff should be trained on how to use machines with higher speed when transferring and receiving data at the workplace. The employees will adapt to the technological environment resulting in higher performance and reduced costs of production in organizations.

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Bhagat, K. K., Liou, W. K., & Chang, C. Y. (2016). A cost-effective interactive 3D virtual reality system applied to military live firing training. Virtual Reality , 20 (2), 127-140.

Hale, K. S. & Stanney K. M. (2014). Handbook of Virtual Environments: Design, Implementation, and Applications, Second Edition . New York, NY: CRC Press

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