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Crime Policing in Law Enforcement

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To “Police Crime” involves a service style approach which is based on the assumptions that many crimes are triggered by existing social issues within the community which can be solved by meritoriously addressing underlying social issues ( Hough, 2015 ). Many small towns are used to dealing with repetitive events relating to insignificant criminal activities to an extent that when a “big crime” occurs, they do not have the necessary resources to cater for such an occurrence ( Hough, 2015 ). As a result, crime policing was introduced as a mechanism of dealing with such unprecedented occurrences especially in lesser communities. It ascertains that criminals are not able to confidently hide from law enforcers regardless of their jurisdiction. 

In regards to policing crime, the law enforcement agencies work closely with individuals within the community with an aim of combatting crime. Normally, there are three distinct components of the criminal justice system: police, courts and corrections (Jackson & Bradford, 2009). The first component is very important since they are the first people to come into contact with the criminals. Courts are mandated with the duty offering judgement to offenders based on the crime committed, whereas the corrections works towards rectifying the behavior of offenders. 

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Besides, policing crime works towards regulating criminal activities in one area from spreading to other jurisdiction. The police involved in such regulation have to adopt intelligence systems that enable them to identify terrorism operations and other criminal undertakings while ensuring that such events are regulated or prevented from occurring (Jackson & Bradford, 2009) . Also, in order for this to be successful, the police is expected to work closely with the community since this has emerged to be one of the surest ways of combatting crime. This is because people within a certain area are in a better position of identifying suspicious activities compared to the police. In the end this initiative manages to establish a safe and peaceful neighborhood for the coexistence of all individuals. 


Hough, M. (2015). Crime, policing and compliance with the law. In  Why the Social Sciences Matter  (pp. 143-160). Palgrave Macmillan, London. 

Jackson, J., & Bradford, B. (2009). Crime, policing and social order: on the expressive nature of public confidence in policing.  The British journal of sociology 60 (3), 493-521. 

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