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Defining Your Role in the Workplace

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a. Role Conflict 

A role conflict occurs when a person is expected to perform and fulfill the duties of two contradictory situations or positions. In this case, a person faces multiple roles that have multiple statuses. It follows that a role conflict arises when one has to perform two roles in their situations without compromising on either (Nohe et al., 2015) . A role conflict can either be intra or inter. Intra-role conflict occurs when two incompatible components of a similar role present themselves. For instance, as a teacher, one seeks to be friendly to their students through good rapport so that learning is effective, fun and interesting. However, the same role requires a teacher to be authoritative and open when giving instructions for effective learning to take place. Secondly, Inter-role conflict occurs when one is expected to perform two different roles at the same time without any compromise (Nohe et al., 2015) . For instance, one may be a teacher but at the same time a mother. 

One example of a role conflict that in my life involves creating friendly relationships but at the same time making it clear to them that I do not like certain things. For instance, when out with my friends, I insist that we have fun with moderation based on the places that we visit and the things that we do. However, some of them feel offended since they state that I am too inflexible yet going out is fun when people try new things and new experiences. As a result, I find it too difficult to deal with them and please them yet I value their company. In this situation I seek to have a role as a good friend but I also have a role to ensure that I protect my position and point of view. 

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b. Role Strain 

Role strain occurs when a certain role that a person needs to fulfill places pressure on them as a result of its demands and excessive obligations. These demands may be in the form of time, available resources and energy among other things (O’Neil, 2013) . For example, a single parent may experience role strain since the demands before her or him are excessively high. For instance, they have to be the breadwinners, offer child care, maintain their houses, assist in the homework of their children, ensure that the vehicle is in good shape and perform other such related duties. Therefore, their parental role is strained by the demands of meeting the various obligations in a proper manner. 

One example of role strain in my life is the issue of the course demands, having time to be with my classmates and the need to have good results. I also have to meet the expectations from my parents, peers, and maintaining my good performance at the top. These demands are straining yet my role as a student requires that I meet them adequately. Imperatively, the role strain implores on me to ensure that I meet these expectations despite their excessive demands and need for resources, time, and energy. 

c. Changing the situation 

Changing these situations is not easy since role conflict and strain cannot be wished away by anybody. It follows that I should have a plan that ensures that I meet my obligations without necessarily straining. Such a plan involves how I will manage my time, allocate adequate resources and ensure that I have enough energy to execute my roles. In this instance, role conflict and strain do not necessary mean a bad thing but are normal issues that define how one meets their goals in life. 


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O'NEIL, J. M. (2013). Gender-Role Conflict and Strain in. Men in transition: Theory and 

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