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Developing The Recruitment And Retention Plan

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Being the HR director for Motors and More, part of my job is to recruit new workers. This is normally done through evaluating each prospecting applicant’s abilities and capabilities. The company will recruit applicants only from the surrounding area. This will be so as to help the community around us feel appreciated and to help them grow financially (Valverde, Ryan & Soler, 2006) . Being located in an area of mixed race, religion beliefs and cultures, care will be taken to accommodate all by making fair recruitment choices. 

Based on the differences in work stations in terms of levels of complexity and seniority (Automobile Company Hierarchy. 2017), different tools will be used to choose the perfect person for that, according to Automakers try new strategies to fill engineering vacancies. (2017). These tools will be based on several factors listed as:

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Requirements for potential employees

One must prove that they have gone through high school or GED. 

Interviews will be set and conducted as per individual job description and requirement.

One must demonstrate strong understanding of the operations in the applied field through a practical test.

One must have a prior experience working in the position applied for at least six (6) months.

Individual take on working with people of different race, religion, age, gender, culture and beliefs.

Physical capabilities in regard to the type of work applied.

Retention plan

All recruited people will be taken through a training process which will help to familiarize them with their job description and working station. The training will be fully sponsored by the company. The training will be done by personnel both from inside the institution and outside. Initially, the training will be offered in conjunction with the local college and technical school as the company builds its own facility for such. After completion of the training facility, all training will be offered within the premises. It will reduce fatigue and exhaustion for those living at a considerable distance from both the college and the technical school.

Choice of banking and insurance companies will depend on personal preferences. All payments will be transferred directly to individual accounts. Payments such as medical cover will be done directly for the individual by the company (Johnson , 2017).

Every worker is entitled to a fourteen days (14) leave annually. Additionally, well performing employees will be rewarded in various ways by the company, including promotion and pay increase.

Areas and Types of Discrimination.

Gender relevance will depend on how the company categorize working areas. For example, the movement of motor parts may call for extra manual power. In this case, it is understandable for that to be allocated to men. Less manual movements and handling will then have the female integrated into them. Irrespective of whether a person is male or female, as long as they have the ability and capability to man a given work station, they will fairly get it. The key personnel required to handle and manage different work stations will equally accommodate each group (U.A.W. and the Auto Industry, 2017) . The company will make sure due diligence is done to avoid incidences of discrimination and prejudice. 

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