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Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Business

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What would be the advantage of relying on floating licensing instead of buying and licensing each software title for each computer on a 1-to-1 ratio? 

A floating licensing is a form of digital rights management technique that enables the user to install and activate different gaming software into multiple computers and gaming consoles. This technique of digital rights protection provides a conservative approach to gamers since it enables them to operate multiple machines using a single licensed software. It involves purchasing of floating licenses by the respective users rather than buying each software title for each and every computer. This technique is regarded as being the most convenient, cheap, economical and time-saving means of gaming software licensing (Lazy Games Reviews, 2012). 

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In the Rosenblatt text, six business models are examined to determine how DRM applies to them. Name 3 of the 6 models and briefly describe how DRM applies to each. 

According to Rosenblatt, Mooney & Trippe, (2001), business models are classified based on the sources of revenue of the software content, these business model include; soft DRM, variable pricing, and super distribution models. The super distribution business model is accompanied with strict distribution terms and conditions which are passed to the consumers during the distribution process of the digital content. These models are categorized regarding services and rights (S&R) offered by firms in which for the case of variable pricing model it is based on financing and marketing methods (F&C). 

Exactly how did DRM impact the commercial viability of Electronic Arts Spore game?  Why did such a groundbreaking game (at the time) ultimately receive such poor reviews? 

Digital rights management techniques applied in the Electronics Arts Spore game have played a significant role in the existence of bad reviews associated with the game itself. Moreover, the DRM has been identified as the major cause of the increase in pirating of the game's digital content on the web. Through its sophisticated and complex three-phase activation process and the fact that it only allows one account per each CD key has been the major cause of bad reviews to this game despite it being one of the best games to be designed by this giant company ( Kingsley-Hughes, 2008). 

In the Rosenblatt text, it talks about ORM and DRM. Name and define both of them and then list 2 examples of each. 

DRM is an abbreviation which stands for digital rights management. DRM is defined as technology techniques of controlling users’ access to digital content especially digital gaming software. Digital rights management can be carried out in various ways such as limiting activation times of different games and persistent online user authentication for each game purchased by a particular user. On the other hand, ORM is an abbreviation that stands for object-relational mapping; it is a programming framework that enables a person to map objects from programming languages such as Java to tables and rows present in relational databases such as MySQL. Examples of ORM techniques include; one-to-one object mapping and many-to-many object mapping ( Rosenblatt, Mooney & Trippe, 2001). 

List and describe three different types of piracy prevention tools or techniques used by video game companies, along with specific examples of games that relied on these tools or techniques 

Privacy prevention mechanisms have continuously changed and advanced overtime since the beginning of gaming art. These techniques include; physical locks are popularly known as Dongles, a perfect example of a game that used this type of DRM technique is DJMax Trilogy game which required a special USB thumb stick to being plugged into the console to activate the game. Serial numbers and serial keys are another technique that is used to prevent piracy of gaming content. Games such as the Need for Speed are popularly known for using these serial keys to prevent copyrights infringement. Thirdly, the most recent technique of copyright protection known as 3 rd party digital rights management which involves the use of third party companies such as Securom and Safe disk to monitor and control piracy of a particular gaming software. Splinter cell gaming software is one of the games that used this method of DRM to prevent piracy of its content (Lazy Games Reviews, 2012). 


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