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Domestic Abuse: Various Forms and How to Seek Help

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There several predisposing factors which lead to various forms of domestic abuse. According to Buzawa, E. S. and Buzawa, C. G. (2017), these factors include individual factors such as young age, low self-esteem, low income, anger/hostility, alcohol/drug abuse, unemployment, unplanned pregnancy, and low achievements; relationship factors such as economic stress, marital conflicts, possessiveness, jealousy, negative emotions, unhealthy family interactions and relationships; community factors such as poverty and associated factors, poor neighbourhood support/cohesion, weak/absence of community sanctions against domestic violence; and societal factors which includes Gender inequality and traditional gender norms, cultural beliefs which support domestic violence, weak educational, health, and social and economic laws/policies.

Since domestic abuse has proved to be a public health challenge/problem especially against women and children, the public health nurse can participate in the prevention of this vice by identifying domestic abuse victims before encouraging them to report it to the relevant authorities as they offer them practical, emotional, and psychological support (Dutton et al., 2015). Through this, nurses will be able to provide holistic care for the victims while discouraging among public members

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I do agree that a domestic relationship must be there for abuse to be termed as domestic abuse. It must also involve two or more individuals in a given type of relationship whether intimate or family, and it does not have to take place at home which is in line with the definition provided. It happens when those close to the victims exercise power and therefore control over the victims. This is a work well done although you could have included the various ways in which domestic abuse can be expressed such as physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and economic abuse (Dutton et al., 2015).

For Maria Serrato’s discussion prompt, I feel that it is one of those that was excellently articulated as it is seen in the way she approaches it with the existing domestic abuse statistics: this is because statistics paint a clear image of what happens on the ground. However, we are not told whether the first statistic which indicates that one child experiences domestic violence is a global or US statistics. I feel that she should have been more specific. Otherwise, it is a well-presented discussion prompt.


Buzawa, E. S., & Buzawa, C. G. (Eds.). (2017). Global Responses to Domestic Violence. Springer.

Dutton, M. A., James, L., Langhorne, A., & Kelley, M. (2015). Coordinated public health initiatives to address violence against women and adolescents. Journal of Women's Health, 24(1), 80-85.

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