9 Sep 2022


Domestic violence issues in Los Angeles, California

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Domestic violence is an issue that many people around the world deal with. On that note, various organizations deal with domestic violence issues in Los Angeles, California. Family Crisis Center and Center for the Pacific Asian Family are two local organizations that tackle domestic violence problems in Los Angeles. What I liked about Family Crisis center is that it aims to work with people of all races, religion, and background. The center is well equipped and has specialists who understand domestic violence from a wider perspective . Center for the Pacific Asian Family is an equally well-placed organization that deals with domestic violence issues; they also seem to accept people from different cultures but what I did not like about the organization is the fact that they give more reservations to people of Asian origins. However, the professionals are well trained to handle Asian family disputes. They also have educated counselors who are always ready to help their clients. Similarly, the two centers are always willing to help their clients find lasting solutions to their domestic violence problems. Moreover, the two organizations usually work with other similar organizations to help raise awareness about domestic violence problems in Los Angeles. Some of the national organization in California that deal with domestic violence issue include Community United against Domestic Violence and The Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Educational Services. What I liked about the Institute of Multicultural counseling and educational services is that it deals with domestic violence issues from a cultural diversity point of view. The organization also aims to train its members on the need for effective multicultural counseling on domestic violence in the regions. Similarly, the syllabus narrows such issues down to their probable causes and makes it possible for their counselor to approach multicultural counseling with ease, content, skills, and knowledge that promise success. On the other hand, Community United against Domestic violence is an organization that aims to promote the awareness of domestic violence and its existence in different households not only in the area but also in the country. The programs offered at the center also make it possible for the therapists to gain effective knowledge on multicultural counseling. They have annual campaigns that aim to inform the wider public about domestic violence, its negative effects and educate them on what to do in the event of such occurrences. However, all these four institutions do not aim to educate the public on the notable signs to look out for. Similarly , they do not aim to give suggestions on how to prevent the occurrences of such issue in the families. 

Many movies in Hollywood have aimed to voice or depict the existence of domestic violence in the old and modern families. The movies aim to show how a large number of women suffer in silence with no once to come to their rescue . Similarly, the films also aim to show their viewers how the society leniently treated domestic violence issue hence making women suffer the more. An example of such a film is the 1993 movie title what’s love got to do with It. The movie told the story of Tina turner, a famous singer who was abused by her husband. The husband battered her and took everything from her including the money she had worked hard for. Many Hollywood movies have shown how a large number of women have braved the atrocities of domestic violence in the name of staying for the sake of their children or for being afraid of the criticism that they would receive from the community in which they live. They also influence the mentality of the society by showing that in most cases, men are the abusers and women are the victims of domestic violence, a view that is true. I feel that the issue presented in the films and movies are true to a greater degree. However, I would also point out that domestic violence has taken a slightly different turn with some men being desecrated by their wives even though the percentage is small. I feel that very few movies have documented the domestic violence problems that a small percentage of men face in modern marriages. Therefore, I believe that that the type of domestic violence depicted in Hollywood movies, and TV series can be improved by documenting the type of domestic violence that some men go through in modern times. 

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One of the most notable domestic violence cases that has been on the spotlight is the one involving NFL player Ray Rice and his current wife but then fiancé Janay Palmer Rice. Rice was accused of knocking his fiancée Janay unconscious in Atlantic City. He was also seen threatening and eventually dragging Janay’s unconscious body from an elevator. The news and other media houses were concerned with this case based on the increasing number of domestic violence cases that many NFL players had been involved in. Similarly, many people in the society were not perplexed at the increasing rates of domestic violence issue that the NFL players had been involved in. the social media also took this case seriously and spread not only in the country but also around the world. The people in the community did not believe how violent most NFL players had become over the years. They believed that although social media stipulated that the players were supposed to be better role models, they had turned to be irresponsible men who gave the wrong impressions to younger boys. I feel that this case, unlike many others, was handled well because Rice got the necessary discipline he deserved even though his attorney tried to play the case down . The social media also did a good job releasing the video showing how he drug his wife off an elevator. The law enforcement officers were also vigilant and made it clear to the team members and coaches that they knew Ray's behavior better than anyone did and asked them to act accordingly. On the contrary, the attorney and the team also watered the case down, and they almost helped Ray to get away with domestic violence issues. Were it not for the video leaked to the public and the one the officer had; the team would have defended him and made him get away with domestic violence issue. 

Some of the common myths and misconception that concern rape of women include the notion that women are responsible for the actions that lead to rape. For example, many men believe that some women dress inappropriately and hence, force the men to rape them. Similarly, some people believe that there are no such things as rape within a marriage. They most people believe that women cannot claim that their husbands have raped them when they know that they should play their roles as wife in any marital setting. Another misconception is that women falsely accuse men of raping them. The problems exist because the society does not take issues reported by women seriously. These issues have made it hard for rape cases to be heard or dealt with effectively in several jurisdictions not only in the US but also in the world. They have played a major role in preventing the solutions of such cases, especially in the homes. Such cases make people in the community believe that women are responsible for rape and other sexual assault issues that affect them hence, making it hard to prevent and solve these cases when they happen. 

Self-confidence is the ability of a person to believe in him or herself and possess the knowledge that they can handle any situation in life. Assertiveness is when a person aims to make his or her point known at various levels or areas in life. Aggressiveness can mean being harsh on someone or having the drive to accomplish a given piece of work or accomplishing a dream. These factors are important for an individual because they make the person develop the right frame of mind as well as high self-esteem that can allow them to solve various issues that take place in their societies and lives. The characteristics also make someone believable and capable of providing solutions to different problems in the society. Being self-confident , aggressive, and assertive makes it possible for women from different areas to come together and form movements that can push for the need to find solutions to violence against women. They also enable women to create an arena where the public can listen to their plight and help them come up with effective solutions to violent behavior towards women. Some of the ways to build assertiveness and confidence in women is through education and intervention programs that make them known that they are worthy people of the society. It is also important to train the women to know that they have the power to change the cause of everything that happens in their lives. Similarly, women should be made to know that they have the voice and should use the same to make their plight known in the families, community, and the nation at large. Similarly, it is important to inform them there is always a person who is willing to listen and act in the right way. 

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