Domestic Violence Essay Guide With Examples

You are here because you’re searching for the perfect essay on domestic violence in English. We’ve all been there before. That is why we offer you good samples of domestic violence for free and totally accessible. All articles about domestic violence found here were previously donated to us by other students. Therefore, they always come free of any charges. Moreover, these samples were previously checked by professors or teachers. Therefore, we are sure that their quality is absolutely good. Are you excited to know more? Read this guide and we will offer you some tips on how to maximize your experience and improve academic writing!

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17 Sep 2023

Devastating Impacts of Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence is a growing concern in the present society. Women serve as the key victims of domestic violence, although men and children also feel the devastating effects as well. When couples are...

Words: 2437

Pages: 9

Views: 78

17 Sep 2023

A Socio-Psychological Approach to Addressing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to a sequence of abusive behavior in a relationship that one partner uses to maintain or gain control over the other intimate partner. It is an issue of global concern that is not dependent...

Words: 858

Pages: 3

Views: 74

17 Sep 2023

Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women: Community Analysis

Domestic violence has been identified as taking place in a quarter of all marriages. Gendered power relations are reproduced and even worsened during migration, which makes more women vulnerable to different forms of...

Words: 1188

Pages: 4

Views: 442

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16 Sep 2023

Domestic violence issues in Los Angeles, California

Domestic violence is an issue that many people around the world deal with. On that note, various organizations deal with domestic violence issues in Los Angeles, California. Family Crisis Center and Center for the...

Words: 1429

Pages: 5

Views: 74

The Reality of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the pressing global issues transcending national boundaries as well as racial, cultural, class, and socio-economic distinctions. Geographically, it is not widely dispersed, though its...

Words: 1425

Pages: 5

Views: 93

16 Sep 2023

Domestic Violence and its Treatment and Prevention

Domestic violence refers to any form of mistreatment that takes place in either the heterosexual or homosexual relationship mainly between the adults or even the adolescents. The maltreatment can take place in many...

Words: 2386

Pages: 7

Views: 361

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Domestic Violence Movement

The Domestic Violence Movement There has been a recurrent on the issue of domestic violence in the community for a long period. There are theories of domestic violence that are after the intervention of the...

Words: 1340

Pages: 5

Views: 428

16 Sep 2023

The Devastating Impacts of Domestic Violence

The paper discusses about the diverse devastating implications attributed to domestic violence. It talks about the immense costs that domestic violence imposes toward the society while at the same time revealing that...

Words: 971

Pages: 3

Views: 77

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16 Sep 2023

Domestic Violence Survivors: What You Need to Know

Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is a critical concern for society and public health professionals in different ways. An increase in the number of people grappling with the issue is the core of the motivating...

Words: 2150

Pages: 8

Views: 114

16 Sep 2023

Literature Review: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has attracted debate from various scholars in society. Different approaches are used in defining domestic violence. Some are general, whereas others are mainly gender centered. Brassiolo (2016)...

Words: 1642

Pages: 6

Views: 405



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What Is a Domestic Violence Essay

Before we go into details, we want to give you a quick definition of essay on domestic violence. Sadly, statistics show that a lot of people of all genders meet abuse in their homes almost every day. It is a pressing issue that is often discussed. Nevertheless, solutions to it do not provide 100% bulletproof results. Therefore, such papers try to bring awareness to this issue and help those suffering from it. 

In this article, you can take several strategies. You can define what your topic is or argue that it is a pressing issue. Depending on what stands or strategy you select, your word count will change. The normal length for such a paper is five paragraphs or around 500 words. However, you might have less or more word count depending on requirements. 

Best Domestic Violence Essay Examples

It was previously mentioned, we do offer a free example of domestic violence. This means that anything you find here will not only be accessible in pdf format but also free. However, apart from the domestic violence essay pdf we also want to teach you how to write such papers.

  • Narrowing your topic. One of the first steps you should take is to choose your topic and narrow it down later. Browse our narrative writing examples and get ideas on how to do it. As it is a rather popular controversial theme, you can select a specific city, state, or neighborhood for your research. 
  • Select format. Academic rating has a number of formats available for you. The majority of them will be either MLA, APA, or Chicago. But you should always ask your professor whether they have a personal or professional preference. 
  • Do proper research. As it is a rather tricky topic to discuss, evidence is a key to making it academic and scholarly. 

Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay

As was previously mentioned, there are different types of articles one can write on this topic. We will start by talking more about an argumentative essay on domestic violence. As clearly seen from the title, argumentative papers must offer an argument and prove it.

In order to develop any successful argument, writers use academic language, evidence, and appropriate structure. First and foremost, you can write your introduction while including the main argument in your thesis. Then you can write three body paragraphs. Every paragraph should have a different point that still proves your introduction connected with one's argumentative essay topics on domestic violence. Finally, conclusion will remind your audience why your argument is correct  

Domestic Violence Persuasive Essay

Believe it or not, persuasive essays on domestic violence are rather similar to argumentative ones. You are still developing a successful argument. However, now your audience might have an opposing point of view on your topic.

For example, you believe that women and men suffer from abuse equally. However, your audience might think the opposite and claim that only women can be abused. Your job here is to use persuasive language and evidence in order to persuade them that your point of view is correct. 

Any student can succeed in this task if they use proper persuasive language. It must be balanced between academic and rather emotional to draw a response from the audience. This is how students should write every domestic violence essay in English. 

Domestic Violence Informative Essay

Last but definitely not least comes the informative essay on domestic violence. Informative essays about domestic violence are rather close to definition ones. Students here are not obligated to use persuasive language or approve any argument. Their goal here is simply to inform their audience. 

Let us imagine that your readers know little about abuse. Therefore, you must offer a brief definition and in-depth knowledge of this subject. Tell them what you know about abuse, who can experience it and why it happens. 

It is always good to pretend that your audience knows essentially nothing about your subject. It will make the job much easier for you and articles more informative for them. Before writing this kind of essay, look through our informative essay example.

Domestic Violence Essay Outline

Now that you know a lot about this paper, it is a perfect time to offer you an outline for domestic violence essay.

Domestic violence paper outline example


  • Start by giving a brief definition of what abuse is.
  • Talk more about who can experience abuse.
  • Finish everything with your thesis. Argue that men and women can both be victims of abuse.

Main body

  • Introduce your first point. Argue that abuse is relevant for each and every country.
  • Discuss the reasons why abuse transpires in both genders.
  • Offer ways to combat abuse.


  • Conclude by rephrasing your thesis statement.
  • Remind your readers that you have talked about the reasons behind abuse, what genders might suffer from it, and whether it occurs in all countries.
  • Close your article by stating that no one is really safe from abuse. It is precisely why people should find ways to combat it.

Domestic Violence Essay Introduction

Considering that you now have an outline, it is time to go through each part of such a psychology paper. Let’s start with a domestic violence introduction paragraph. Students should always remember that an introduction gives the first impression of your work. Matching that you are meeting a person for the first time and you price their clothes. It is something we are taught not to do but something that absolutely everyone does. 

To give a good impression your introduction must have a hook, background, and thesis statement. If the student's introduction has all the enumerated parts, it will be successful. Besides, don’t forget that this part is only 10% of your overall work. 

Introduction for domestic violence

Domestic violence is a violence involving intimate partners in a relationship. The violence occurs in many forms including sexual, emotional, physical abuse, and threats. The violence can go either way, but in most cases, it is directed towards the women. Also, the violence can happen in both heterosexual and gay relationships. The characteristics of domestic violence include an imbalance of power where the abuser uses hurtful and intimidating behavior and words to control their partner. The violence, in most cases, does not start from the onset but requires time to develop fully. The discussion will address domestic violence directed against women and the position it places them in the society. 

Domestic Violence Essay Thesis Statement

Student's thesis statement for domestic violence essay is arguably the most important part of any paper, especially academic ones. It is the last sentence of your introduction. Therefore, this sentence contains your most important argument and all points connected to it.

When it comes to the domestic violence thesis, include it into the outline and have it somewhere nearby. You might be surprised but this sentence is not only for your readers but for you too. You can think about it as a map to guide your writing. 


Even though society still harbors the belief that only females suffer from abuse, both men and women should be protected from violent outbursts of their spouses. 

Domestic Violence Essay Body Paragraph

Domestic violence paragraph usually takes up to 80% of your work. It is the most informative part and thus it has a place for evidence and proper research. If you have a five-paragraph paper, it will have at least three main body paragraphs.

It is also very important to consider that each body paragraph talks about a separate point. All these points are later linked to the thesis statement and your main argument. Nevertheless, any successful body paragraph should offer evidence, examples, and personal opinion on the matter. Look at an evaluation essay example and see how another student does it.

Without scholarly resources or external research, you will not be able to persuade your audience. Besides, arguments usually do not work without proof. 

Body paragraph on domestic violence essay

The most common form of abuse against women is domestic violence. It is a trait that is evident in most societies in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) postulated that between 29% and 62% of women worldwide have experienced a form of physical or sexual abuse. In the United States, approximately three women are murdered every day as a result of an encounter with a past or present partner. Also, close to thirty-eight million women have experienced physical violence in their lifetime. Another research carried out found that disabled women are more likely to experience domestic violence than the women who have no disabilities (Straus, 2017). Research by the WHO also found out that males who were exposed to incidences of domestic violence at a young age are three times more likely to practice the violence against their partners than those who were not exposed to the vice while children. 

Domestic Violence Essay Conclusion

Now, it is time for our conclusion of domestic violence essay. This part is actually close to introduction. It also contains a paraphrased thesis statement, summary of your main points, and a closing statement. 

A closing statement is one of the most important parts of your conclusion. It is the last thing that your readers will see. Therefore, the majority of writers try to include recommendations or a piece of thought.

The only thing that you should never put into your conclusion is new evidence. There is no need to cite anything or include extra stuff that you haven’t talked about in your actual paper. All the students will definitely like writing this part. 

Conclusion to domestic violence essay

In conclusion, any form of violence that is directed to women is a strong violation of their basic human rights. Several countries and states have failed to mitigate this vice hence playing a role in ensuring that it remains prevalent in many societies. The violence can only be eliminated through a good-will depicted by the political, legal, and civil class.

How to Write a Domestic Violence College Essay

Now we can also get a step-by-step guide to college essays about domestic violence. After all, we’re not only here for samples and domestic violence against women essay. Follow this guide and you will master academic writing, especially on this topic.

Step-by-step guide to writing essays about domestic violence:

  • Check samples

It is the first and one of the most important steps you can take. It is a good thing that our website offers such samples for you. 

  • Choose topic

Your topic includes a number of things. It should be interesting, narrow, and academic. If you nail these three components, you will succeed in your writing. 

  • Do research 

Doing proper research. It is key when it comes to argumentative or persuasive papers. So, never skip this step.

  • Outline and write 

After you have gathered all the evidence, continue with an outline. It should contain citations and smaller points. Once you outlined your text, you can start writing.

  • Write main body first

It partially makes sense to start with an introduction, we advise you to start with the main body. So, when you get to the introduction and conclusion, you will have a clear idea of what you want to write in your head.

  • Proofread

Proofreading and editing is the last step you need. We recommend taking a small break for a coffee before you start editing. 

Before writing an essay, look through different examples to inspire. We suggest you take essays in this field, such as child abuse essay, anxiety essay, bullying essay examples, etc.

Domestic Violence Topics for Paper

Are you looking for good domestic violence essay topics? We have several suggestions only for you. 

Domestic violence topics for an essay:

  1. Link between violent behavior at home with childhood traumas.
  2. Does television advice abuse? 
  3. Glorification of abuse at home.
  4. Learning from the parents: Helping children understand that abuse is never OK.
  5. The case of Johnny Depp.
  6. Are men subject to abuse from their spouses? 
  7. Abuse in LGBT communities.
  8. The difference between mental and physical abuse.
  9. How to solve an issue with recurring home abuse?
  10. Abuse: Its influence on children.

Find and read such essays as mental illness essay and LGBT essay in our library. They will help you if you choose similar topics. 

Overall, you can use these topics. Come up with your own ones or combine them with other ideas. We are here simply to help and inspire. Thus, always try being creative and innovative even in academic writing. Besides, we recommend talking to one's professor before making any decisions. They will help a lot in choosing the best possible topic. After all, it must be relevant, narrow, and interesting. So, use these essay topics on domestic violence!


FAQ About Domestic Violence Paper

1. Are your domestic violence essay examples free?

Yes! All free essays on domestic violence against women here are totally free. We do not require personal information, email, or credit cards. You don’t have to pay anything or fill in any forms. These articles were previously donated by students. We only offer them to you on this platform.

2. Can I submit one of your domestic violence essay titles?

No. You cannot submit titles for domestic violence essays. It is always much better to come up with your own ideas. Besides, these samples were written by other students. It means that they have already submitted them to their institutions and professors. Using them will be considered plagiarism and it is something the academic world doesn’t accept.

3. How to start a domestic violence essay?

All good essays about violence start with the so-called hook. This sentence must capture the attention of your target audience. We always recommend using quotations from famous people, statistical information, or rhetorical questions. Considering the regularity of the topic, statistics will work much better than anything else. So, never hesitate to use a good hook.

4. Why is a domestic violence essay so important?

These essays on domestic violence are very important. Considering that the subject we are discussing concerns abuse, it should be talked about. The more people know about it, the better our society can handle it. When writing this article, think about people you can help. Your piece might not be published but at least you are educating yourself and your audience. Sometimes, it only takes awareness to fight an issue.


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