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Drug Evaluation Report for Eucrisa

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Eucrisa is the drug selected for the discussion. Eucrisa is not known to many people owing to the fact that the drug is mostly prescribed for children mostly those who have reached the age of two years ( Hoy, 2017). The drug is has its scientific name hat is not known to most people, most of the time, it is referred to as the Crisaborole by most physicians. It is a non-steroidal medication which work to block specific substances in the body which are known to trigger inflammatory symptoms of the eczema. Eczema is sometime referred to as the atopic dermatitis. This is a drug which is used externally, or on the skin. Though the drug is commonly prescribed for the children, it does not mean that the adults cannot use Eucrisa. In some occasions, the drug is normally prescribed for the adults. The drug is prescribed to mild and moderate eczema. Note, this drug can also be used in other purpose other than the ones which features in this article. But, what is more important is that the user need to follow the prescription as recommended by the physician to stay on the safe side. In this article, Eucrisa evaluation is the major topic. The drug is evaluated in order to come up with a comprehensive report on its class, approval, the perception of the manufactures, the therapeutic effects, standards, and its costs. At the end of the article, the reader should have a clear information of the affirmation topics as far as he Eucrisa is concerned. 

Based on class, it is challenging to classify Eucrisa. However, an explanation can help in putting the drug on its class. What is clear is that Eucrisa a class of the tropical steroids. Tropical treatments are drugs which are used externally on the skin to treat eczema or manage symptoms and reduce the skin inflammation. Note, there is an umbrella of all types of drugs which are prescribed to treated eczema. The umbrella is known as the tropical steroids. This is the umbrella under which a medication such as Eucrisa also belongs. Within the umbrella, there are different types of the classes where each type or each brand of the steroids are classified. The criteria of the classification in each of these brands depends on the strengths, calcineurin inhibitors and the PDE4 inhibitors ( Council, 2017). All the tropical steroids drugs are classified based on this criteria, or sometimes called the inhibitors. Based on this classification, the Eucrisa belongs to PDE4 inhibitor. Note, the PDE4 inhibits are drugs which inhibits an enzyme called the phosphodiesterase 4 or simply the PDE4 from giving a chance to too much body inflammations. Currently, the only brand which is approved under this class by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the Eucrisa. 

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As aforementioned, the only drug which has been approved under PDE4 inhibitor is the Eucrisa. However, its approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not means that the drug is the perfect. There are aspects of the drug which were approved in the 2016. However, other indications were declined after research revealed that it was not the best therapy for such indications. This medication was approved to treat mild and moderate eczema for the patient who have reached an age milestone of two to seventeen years of old. The drug was approved for this condition following a successful trial of the 1522 participants who reported a positive result after twenty eight days of using the drug. In a press release the statement of the deputy director of the office of the Drug evaluation III in the Center for Drug evaluation and Research (CDER) Mr. Amy Egan read that “"Today’s approval provides another treatment option for patients dealing with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis." On the same note, the drug was disqualified from treating the extreme condition of the eczema. The rationale for not allowing the use of this drug for the indication was that; when used for some times, the drug has hypersensitivity reaction to the applied spot. 

Eucrisa is a medication which is manufactured by the Palo Alto pharmaceutical company. This is a company which is based in California and is a well-known organization which has manufactured many drugs that are used for treatments of different condition worldwide. In their statement following the approval of this new brand of medication, the company, through its Chief Execrative Officer, claimed that the brand was one of the best in the market. According to them, the drug was manufactured to have both mild, moderate and the severe skin conditions or the atopic dermatitis treated. In a joint press release, the company stated its mixed reactions to the approval. They claimed that approval was to give the populace the best alternative since most of the alternatives either have failed or have had a hyper-reactions which are not good for the skin of the Patients. They further claimed that more research will be assumed so that the drug is approved to treat severe atopic dermatitis ( Hussar & Lee, 2017). 

Eucrisa, how does it work chemically? Clear answer to this question demand that the chemical structure of this drug is explained. There are different substances which are used to make this drug. It is these substances which play a role in the chemical functions of this drug. It has 2% of Crisaborole “in a petrolatum-based, white to off-white ointment and is for topical use. The active ingredient, Crisaborole, is a phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4) inhibitor.” “Crisaborole is described chemically as 5-(4-cyanophenoxy)-1, 3-dihydro-1-hydroxy-[2, 1] - benzoxaborole. The empirical formula is C 14 H 10 BNO 3 and the molecular weight is 251.1 g/mol.” ( Prior, Sewell, & Stewart, 2017). Crisaborole is a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor. The inhibition act of the PDE-4 is give rise to increased intracellular adenosine monophosphates levels. However, there is no research which has indicated clearly how this drug exert its therapeutic actions for the treatments of the skin disease or the atopic dermatitis. In fact, the lack of clear or a well-defined explanation on how the drug exert its therapeutic functions was one of the reason why upon its approval, there were other indications which were not approved for the drug. Also, the manufactures have come out clearly and stated that more research are still on the way to make its therapeutic mechanism well defined. 

Yes, there is a standard from which this drug is compared to other drugs within the class of the steroids. The drug is compared to others alternatives within the class of the steroids based on many factors, or standards, however, the best which is mostly used by the physicians is the strength. The strength types from which the comparison of the Eucrisa is compared to other steroids ranges from the super potent or the class one, to the least potent of the class seven. Note, the rationale of this comparison is based on the severity of the skin disease or the conditions. Note, some of the brands against which Eucrisa is compared to have different versions which also varies in strengths ( Furue 2017). Most of the time, doctors are always interested in compere the strengths based on the versions. In this case, different versions are often used based on the strengths. From the analysis of many data, the Eucrisa is one of the most preferred brand among this class. 

There are is less clear statistics which rate the brands based on their safety. Most of the information available rates these drugs based on their strengths and treatments mechanism for the eczema. However, based on most reviews and the data which are available in the websites of this company and other scholar article, the drug is not that safe as compared to others. Generally, it is rated as 63% safer ( Shukla, Feldman & Strowd, 2018). Most people complains that it itches a lot. To some people, mostly those who are hyper-reactive to its components, the drug cause a lot of discomfort. Some even complains that instead of treating the eczema, the drug causes a lot of red inflammation on the skin which make the situation even worse! The drug costs nearly $700 for a single dose. Most people have actually complained due to the high cost of the medications. 

In summary, the discussion was based on a thorough evaluation of the Eucrisa medication. It was based on its description, comparisons to others, its mechanism of therapeutic actions as well as its safety and cost in the markets. Based on the discussion, what is apparent is that Eucrisa is a medication which has been approved to be safe for treatments of the eczema. The drug is a new brand which is stronger and is outdoing most of the brands in the steroid medication class. Though safe, the drug has some side effects which make it unsafe for others patients. 


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