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You need to write an essay about drugs in English but don’t even know how to start it. It is a common student problem, and we know how to solve it. Our service offers free samples of drugs essay in English. Also, we prepared a detailed guide to help you with this complicated topic and tips on writing good papers. You will receive an excellent grade for any assignment if you try StudyBounty’s pieces of advice in practice. Let’s start with this topic and learn how to make your essay proficient.

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17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Juvenile Drug Abuse: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment

Adolescent substance abuse presents a public health problem of epidemic proportions to millions of teenagers across the globe. These teenagers are addicted to misusing prescription drugs and using illegal drugs. They...

Words: 2903

Pages: 10

Views: 102

17 Sep 2023

Nucleus Accumbens and Its Role in Drug Addiction

Nucleus a ccumbens refers to a region in the basal forebrain and located in front of the preoptic area of the hypothalamus . I t is an aggregate of neurons consisting of an outer shell and an inner core . E ach...

Words: 1784

Pages: 6

Views: 51

Prescribing Experimental Drug Effectively

How does the scenario make you feel? Prescribing experimental drugs without confirming their effectiveness is not a relevant idea. Although the "Right to Try bill" allows a patient to access experimental drugs,...

Words: 302

Pages: 1

Views: 163

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17 Sep 2023

Walgreens to Squeeze Its Drug Prices

The article by Sharon Terlep and Joseph Walker examine the trends in the pharmaceutical sector, which are affecting not only the pharmaceutical business but also the general market. In essence, the article highlights...

Words: 375

Pages: 1

Views: 112

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Use of Probation to Solve Drug Abuse Cases

Drug abuse is one the fundamental social problems that every society has struggled in vain to find a lasting solution to however; its complex nature has made every attempt a flop. The solutions to the drug abuse...

Words: 588

Pages: 2

Views: 60

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Drug Offenses: Sentencing Disparity between Blacks & Whites

Chen, E., & Nomura, K. (2015). And Justice for All? Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Federal Drug Courts in California and the US. _California Journal of Politics and Policy_ , 7 (2). The study...

Words: 1307

Pages: 5

Views: 84

17 Sep 2023

Should Athletes Be Allowed to Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

Should Athletes Be Allowed to Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs? In the modern economy, it is hard to detect athletes who use performance- enhancing drugs (PED’s) such as blood doping, steroids or oxygen tanks...

Words: 1121

Pages: 4

Views: 398

Ethical and Legal Implications of Prescribing Drugs

When a patient visits a hospital, there are considerably high chances of prescribing for drugs and medication. Primarily, some of the critical aspects to consider before prescribing medication and drug to sick...

Words: 535

Pages: 2

Views: 348

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17 Sep 2023

Drug Abuse and Addiction - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Part One Drug and substance abuse has been a major challenge in biological operations as it negatively alters the organ system of an individual. In the same breath, the substances may result in impaired judgment...

Words: 1114

Pages: 3

Views: 316

17 Sep 2023

Family History and Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use

In ancient times, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were among postsecondary institutions of learning that were introduced in the 1800s with the objective of presenting African Americans with the...

Words: 2099

Pages: 7

Views: 114


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Drugs Essay

One may wonder, why do students need to write an essay on drugs? But the education process builds on an analysis of important issues and problems the world faces nowadays. Opiate addiction is one of them. In such essays, students need to look at this problem from all possible perspectives and be able to debate the influence of narcotic addiction on human lives, crime rates in cities, and other common social issues. 

Learn how to develop this topic, understand all principles of statement building and be able to elaborate your evidence in writing pieces. This is the topic you will work on very often. 

Free Drug Abuse Essay Examples for Students

StudyBounty offers a vast collection of drug abuse essay pdf. Those samples will illustrate the best tips and tricks in working with this topic. Essays on drug abuse among students are popular school assignments. You need to understand the principles of advanced research and analytical work.

First, define that such abuse is the usage of narcotics or prescribed medications for purposes that differ from what should be used. It can be medication abuse or illegal substances abuse (such as cocaine). 

To write a good essay:

  • Be clear with essay type and use specific structure.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Choose your line of defense (you can speak about someone’s problem, medical addiction, or both).

Let’s look at this topic development in various essay types. Look at the proposed medicine essay from StudyBounty, for example.

Persuasive Essay About Drugs

Persuasive essays on drugs explain one statement or position and build all the evidence around it. The goal of a persuasive essay is to make readers stand with your point. There is no place for different arguments on the same theme: Only one position and its argumentation. Besides, persuasive writing can be emotional and describe your personal feelings. 

Find relevant data or cases to make readers be on your side. For example, your topic is narcotic abuse from medications. You want to prove that this problem became possible because of a flawed medical system in the US. Then all your arguments should illustrate this thesis. 

Do you need to look at such an essay? Check our persuasive essay examples on drug abuse.

Expository Essay on Drug Abuse

To write expository essay on drug abuse, you need to investigate your statement or position. The goal of such a paper is to educate its audience. Students need to demonstrate proficiency in the topic and operate facts and data. There is no need to pursue readers or discuss all pros and cons of your statement. The expository paper introduces your position and objectively informs your readers about the opiate abuse topic you are working with.

Let’s look at expository writing examples of medication abuse. You need to explain why it happens, how often, what a cause is, its effects and how it can be predicted. This is your overview of this specific topic.  

Argumentative Essay on Drug Abuse

The next type of assignment is an argumentative essay drug abuse. In this type of paper, look at the problem from different perspectives and collect the evidence for each. First, define your statement. Then collect arguments to prove your position. It is a debate on a topic, and your goal is to have valuable views that illustrate your position. 

Let’s look at specific argumentative essay topics on drug abuse and your possible scenario of writing it. You want to argue that abuse from medication can be predicted. Show real cases where it was possible, statistics, scientific research, doctor’s comments, and evidence from other countries. Use as many as possible examples of argumentative essays while writing your work.

Drug Abuse Essay Outline

Let’s pretend you are writing an essay about illegal drugs. After defining the topic and doing your research, start planning your writing. Start with an outline. This is a detailed plan for your paper.

Let’s look at an essay about drugs outline example.


  • What are narcotics, and how does it affect people?
  • Provide an example of how people’s lives change with narcotics.
  • Define what narcotics are.
  • Provide statistics on its traffic in the country, city, or community.

Main Body

  • What makes people buy this poison?
  • How narcotics are distributed and why teens are so sensitive to them.
  • What are the police doing to stop spreading them?
  • What other prevention can be used?


  • Recall your case mentioned in the introduction section and underline the solution you found. 

Drugs Essay Introduction

Many people will read only a drug abuse introduction of your paper. That is why you need to pay extra attention to it. An introduction should define the topic and your position. It should have a catch-up sentence to make readers interested in the issue. The text's purpose should be clear. Try to use real examples to illustrate your argumentation or position. Outline what you will be discussing in the following paragraphs. 

In this section, you will need to define your thesis. Also, you need to know what type of paper you are working with. For instance, persuasive text can be more personal, while argumentative writing is more data grounded.

Example of drug abuse essay introduction

Substance abuse is a worldwide delinquent, and the US is also adversely affected by a population that uses drugs. While other drugs are legal but used in the wrong way, some such as heroin and marijuana are illegal. In Modesto California there drug and substance abuse is a chronic problem that has led to increased crime rate in the area (Harwood et al. 22). Additionally, drug abusers have formed a population that is ineffective in the growth and development of the city. Therefore, an issue to be addressed. Below is a discussion of the causes, effects and possible solutions to drug abuse in Modesto.

Drug Abuse Essay Thesis Statement

In a thesis drugs essay should define a core idea. This is your position to debate in the text. Let’s discuss how to make a good thesis statement for your paper. 

  • Be specific

Do not use general sentences. “Abuse is bad” is not a good thesis.

  • Research first

For example, if your topic is medication abuse, you should know that 9% of adults in the US face this problem. Use this data to make your statement strong. 

  • Learn from samples

Reading valuable papers on this topic will help you choose the statement for your work.

Feel free to check a sample of thesis statement about drugs in any essay example. Pay special attention to the introductory paragraph and how a thesis is integrated into the context.

Drug Abuse Essay Body Paragraph

Body paragraph on drug abuse topics includes all argumentations, research, evidence, facts, and data you want to explain and show readers. This is your essential point for developing the case. Each paragraph should have one thought, supported by arguments or facts. 

The structure of the body will also depend on the type of your work. If you are working with rhetorical text, your argumentation can be in a specific order. Explanatory essays usually have stringent rules on using evidence. 

Be clear with your thesis and arguments. Cite valuable resources and statistics. Remember the purpose of your task. We know that you want to tell many things you read on the topic. But ask yourself if this data supports your statement? Look at the sample below.

Example of drug abuse essay body paragraph

There are various reasons as to why people engage in drug and substance abuse. Firstly is the availability of the drugs, the literature indicates that high exposure to drugs increases an individual's ability to use the drug. Some drugs such as Heroin, Methamphetamine, Alcohol and Marijuana/Hashish are available despite the fact that heroin and marijuana are illegal drugs (A Directory of Community Services for Drug Abuse in California 74). There is an illegal market for the illegal drugs that readily provide the drugs to the consumers, and this is one of the contributing factors to substance abuse. On the other hand, legally acceptable drugs such as alcohol are readily available; hence, people tend to use it over to the extent that it poses harm to them and other people.

Drug Abuse Essay Conclusion

A conclusion of drug abuse essay contains the final thought on your topic and summarizes arguments. There is no need to retell all ideas from body paragraphs. But you can remain on purpose or cases you mention in the introduction. 

For instance, in the first sentence, you asked: “Do you think you are protected from opiate abuse?” Then you can summarize in conclusion: “No one can feel safe about drugs, as millions of Americans could not think that their medication could become harmful.” 

In a conclusion section, define insights, ask questions or make readers stand with your side.

Essay about drugs conclusion example

Conclusively, it is important for the local government to set up rehabilitation centers which aim at helping the drug addicts. In most cases, counseling alone is not sufficient to help the drug addicts. It is, therefore, important to set up rehabilitation centers with adequate drugs that are used in rehabilitating drug abusers.

How to Write an Essay About Drug Abuse

Your writing on drugs can be complicated, primarily if you have never worked with it before. But let’s be honest. Even if you know a lot about marihuana abuse, it does not mean that you will be a good writer. What is the secret of a good essay?

  1. Research first. You think you know everything about narcotics. But look at new studies or statistics. 
  2. Outline the text. It will be easier to write if you have a clear plan.
  3. Write based on the essay type. Persuasive and argumentative text require different statements.
  4. Check illegal drugs essay examples we offer. You can find new ideas, exciting argumentation, or structure you can use for your work. 

Writing such a task, consider your target and try to speak with them in one language. 

Drug Prevention Essay

Another cluster of topic development is an essay about the prevention of drug use and abuse. There are a lot of nonprofits that work with prevention, and you can use their case or data for your assignments. Maybe there are some organizations in your city? It can be a good start for your paper.

What do you need to define in the essay on drug abuse and its prevention? First, understand how a prevention program works and how they reduce the usage of this poison. For instance, some programs can reduce the narcotic abuse rate by 50%. 

Second, look at new research on methodologies of prevention. Your essay about drug abuse prevention and control can benefit from new data. 

Check prevention cases in your city and compare the data from other places in the US. What are the reasons for such data? It can be a reasonable investigation for your paper! Be creative!

In case you need other examples, such as a smoking essay or drunk driving essay, find them in our library.

Tips for Writing a Short Essay About Drugs

A short essay on drug abuse is usually length in 250-600 words. But it does not mean that you will spend less time in preparation. The most critical part is research. Let’s go through some tips to make your writing easier.

  • Use real cases

Use stories from real people. If you find someone to share their experience with, it will be good. But you also can find citations from real people online. 

  • Use specific data

Try to find something related to your drug use and abuse essay. You don’t need a general statistic on usage if you write about alcohol.

  • Start with catching facts

Alcohol is legal but more dangerous? Are Americans the only ones who suffer from medication abuse? How many children suffer from opiates? It can be your thesis for this paper.

  • Rely on valuable sources for drug abuse college essay

Use Google Scholar or your University library for research.

Bonus: We created APA title page generator at your disposal. Make your title page academically written with ease.

Excelent Drugs Essay Topics

Finally, let’s specify drugs topic you can use for assignments. Be creative in choosing the best topic! It will be good if you will decide on a topic after simple research. It will give you a broad overview of possible argumentation for each type of paper.

Here are examples of topics on drugs you can use for your work:

  1. When helping hurts: medical abuse in the US.
  2. The history of narcotics traffic.
  3. Why is alcohol the worst legal narcotic?
  4. Teens and marihuana abuse.
  5. How can marihuana destroy your life?
  6. When illegal narcotics became legal.
  7. Does the marihuana prevention program work?
  8. Opiate abuse in wealthy suburban areas.
  9. Electronic cigarettes addiction.
  10. Prevention programs that work.
  11. Partners in preventions: how it works.
  12. Narcotic abuse among females.
  13. How narcotics were promoted in popular culture.
  14. Addiction in US colleges.
  15. The legislation on drug abuse.
  16. Drug abuse and black Americans.
  17. Social media and prevention.

FAQ About Drug Essay

1. Are your drug abuse essay examples free?

StudyBounty offers a free essay on drug abuse that students can use as an example for their studies. There is no registration or any other data collection. Use it from any location. We hope our examples will inspire you for good writing work. Try it!

2. What is the best title for drug abuse essay?

A drug abuse essay title depends on the paper type you are working with. It means that persuasive, argumentative, and narrative essays will have different titles. Look at the examples we have, find the same essay type you work with, and check the best labels.

3. How do you start a drug paper?

In most cases, the best way to start a drug abuse paper is through research. Google the topic, then check scientific resources and official statistics. Collect as many facts as possible. After you understand an issue, outline your paper. It will help you to be consistent in building argumentation.

4. What is the summary of drug abuse?

Essays about drugs need to have a firm conclusion summary of thesis argumentation. There is no need to repeat it once more, but you need to bring some insights or rhetorical questions. In any case, it should be a valuable bottom line for statement argumentation and the writer’s position.


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